My Medical Miracle: The Still Small Voice Speaks

My sporadic heart racing symptoms had been occurring now for over a year increasingly often.  I thought it was a-fib but the triggers made no sense.  I monitored everything and couldn’t find any correlation.  I was frustrated and beginning to think about going to the doctor.  But frankly I dreaded the regimen of prescriptions, side effects and more prescriptions.


Photo by Laura4Smith

Photo by Laura4Smith


One evening, about 9:30 it hit again.  My heart raced, I grew light headed, felt weak.  I thought, “If I can just stay upright long enough to get my shower and into bed to read for a while I’ll be happy.”


The symptoms finally subsided around 11:30 and I fell off to sleep worried.

The next morning I prayed as I prepared breakfast, “God what’s going on?  What’s the answer?  Please heal me.”

Suddenly two words popped into my mind, “Food allergy.”

I said, “Food allergy–but what?”

Through the rest of the day I kept questioning, “What food allergy?  I’ve never had a food allergy.”

Late in the afternoon, I researched further.  There at the top of everyone’s list was peanuts.

A year before I had started eating a handful of nuts including peanuts most afternoons when I got home from work before I exercised.  It gave me a little energy from the protein.

Then a friend started buying me unsalted roasted nuts.  There were no peanuts but they were cooked in peanut oil.

I researched peanut allergy and it described in detail my symptoms.

As I stopped eating peanuts and the nuts roasted in peanut oil the symptoms completely disappeared.


My miracle had occurred.


Often when we’re sick the answers just don’t come.  We go to the doctor, start a regimen of treatment and sometimes slide into a downward spiral.

Health issues multiply.  The original condition continues.  Side effects from the prescriptions and procedures add problems.  More drugs to treat the new side effects.  Worry in the midst of it all.


Sometimes we just need to stop.  We need to remember that as God’s child we have unlimited power available to us.  God wants us to be well.


No I’m not minimizing those with seemingly un-solvable chronic diseases.  I’ve seen people miraculously healed and I’ve prayed for others who weren’t.  And I don’t understand why the difference.

But aside from those exceptional situations I believe God’s wants us to be healthy.  He designed our bodies for it.

He will guide our minds to the answers.

He will lead us to those who can help.

Most of us know the things we need to do for health.  Yet, all of us struggle to implement them.  God can give us the strength and wisdom to make a difference in our health.

And yes, sometimes God even performs an outright miracle.  I’ve seen it.  Yet, in my experience, that’s the exception.


I love this image in Isaiah, “Even the young grow tired and weary.  They sometimes stumble and fall.  But those who rest their hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar like eagles.  They will run and not grow weary.  And they will walk and not grow faint.”  (Isaiah 40:30-31)


We can soar like eagles.


That frankly is my hope.  It’s what drove this adventure. And God makes that promise to each of us as his child.


What about you?  When have you experienced God’s intervention in your health?  What happened?


If you found this post helpful I hope you will share it.  Blessings!



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