My Medical Miracle: When The Answer Stays Elusive

My heart palpitations, as I wrote about before, grew worse.  I was baffled.

I continued to pray for God’s healing.  The symptoms didn’t seem severe enough for doctor intervention.  At my physical six months before, the blood panel and EKG were fine.  Yet the symptoms continued.


Photo by Laura4Smith

Photo by Laura4Smith


In addition I researched everything I could.  Still thinking I had a-fib I looked at the triggers–caffeine, alcohol, stress and extreme exercise.

I had reduced stress significantly when my Rotary President stint had ended.  I have a high stress career but I’ve always lived at this level.  Nothing unusual.

I work out five days a week including walking and practicing karate.  Neither fit as extreme sports.

So I monitored when the symptoms hit and what I’d eaten.  I would have attacks often late in the evening after dinner, literally hours after my last cup of coffee.  So caffeine  seemed disconnected.

That left alcohol.  We normally have a glass of wine with dinner so I wondered, “Could that trigger it?”  The timing seemed about right.

Then early one evening, as I was driving to a reunion at my fraternity, I had an attack.  By the time I arrived I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stand up I was so light headed.  Now some of the other brothers were that way too but I hadn’t drank anything yet.


Mystified, I seemed at a dead end.


Our health can be so precarious.  One moment we’re feeling great then suddenly we’re slammed.  We s start feeling ill or after our physical the doctor calls and says, “We need to do more tests.”

Then with a series of prescriptions, all with their own side effects, our health deteriorates even more.  And soon life is spiraling down into a never ending parade of doctor visits, tests, more drugs and additional procedures.  We’ve lost that extraordinary life.

So we pray expecting God’s healing.


Yet, that healing doesn’t always come like we expect.  It most often isn’t an instantaneous miracle.


Yet, out of that expectation and prayer we start searching.  If we truly believe God has designed us for health and we truly believe God has answers for us, we search.

It may be searching on the internet.  We have more information available to us than the average doctor had a generation ago.

It may cause us to search out a doctor who is focused on natural healing first.  Drug or surgery intervention only as a last resort.  One to whom we can talk.  Who will take the time to answer our questions.

It may be speaking with friends who’ve walked the same journey.  Learning from their experiences.

We become an active seeker in our own health.  We take charge as we partner with God to discover it.  We work hard yet expect God to lead us to the answers.


James writes, “Are any of you sick.  Then call the elders, your wise leaders, to anoint you with oil and pray over you.”  (James 5:14)


Link the natural with the spiritual for the miraculous.


Interestingly, anointing in that time was both ceremonial as well as medical.  We’re advised to link together asking others for help, applying what’s natural and praying for God to under-gird it all with his power.  In the midst of all of that God works.

My story continues next time.


Have you had a difficult health issue you finally found resolution of in natural ways combined with spiritual intervention?  What happened?


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