Releasing Unexplainable Joy: The Joy Returns

What about those circumstances that knock you down and you can’t see any good.  You can’t envision how it could ever be positive.

How do you find joy in those times?


Photo by Swamibu

Photo by Swamibu


We’ve all experienced those situations.  Obviously, some have more devastating ones than others.

Yet, if we dwell in despondency it solves nothing.

We give time to grieve for sure.  But eventually healing needs to start as well.


And God promises we can discover joy in the midst of the struggle.


There aren’t any simplistic answers or rosy platitudes that work.

But I’ve found when I simply rest in God’s love and protection joy creeps in unexpectedly.

When we quit flailing and just trust in God’s presence the healing begins.

Hope returns.  We sense that somehow God hasn’t lost control.  He’ll deliver on his blessings.  He loves us and that love hasn’t been suspended.  And nothing and no one can separate us from him.

And then we’re surprised by that unexplainable joy.

It begins with a feeling of peace which makes no sense given our circumstances.

It grows into confidence, not in our abilities but God’s.

And suddenly we feel joy again.  We’re not happy with the circumstances of course but joyful that God is greater than our circumstances.  And we smile, if even for a moment.

Jesus promised his disciples that unexplainable joy on the night before he was crucified.  He would suffer a horrific death.  His friends would not only mourn for him but scatter terrified.


Yet he said to them, “I have loved you in the same way my heavenly Father has loved me.  So when I am gone rest in my love.  And then my supernatural joy, that I feel even now, will fill you.” (John 15:9-11)


Unexplainable joy is not dependent on the circumstances but on the joy giver.


I, like you, have gone through difficult circumstances.  Perhaps not as difficult as yours but none of us escape this life unscathed.

When I was younger I tended to fight it.  Thrash about in despair.  Feel sorry for myself.  Grow despondent.  Feel hopeless.  Get crabby.  And other than that deal with it pretty well.

I found though it didn’t help much.  And often created its own set of problems that compounded the issues.


When blind-sided now I still too often first head down that road. 


But I recognize that trail a lot quicker.  I don’t let myself get too far into that forest anymore.

Instead, I tend to just settle down.  I remember the love God has for me as his child.  He has promised to protect me and love me.  And I know that nothing and no one is greater than he is.

Then I discover a quiet confidence.

Sure my temper can flare up or my bent to despondency.

But I get over those much quicker now.

And instead an illogical peace starts to grow.  Not because the problems are resolved but because I know who holds the answers and I’ve watched him pull off the amazing through many years.

Unexplainable joy sneaks in.  Not all at once and not all the time.

But I catch myself smiling again.  I trick myself into laughing.  I surprise myself with a sarcastic joke, sometimes about the circumstance itself.

Joy shows up.  I can’t explain it.  I’m just glad it snuck in.


What about you?  When has God given you that unexplainable joy at the most unusual time?


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