Seizing the Moment

Number 47 in the series “God Rocks: 101 Amazing Everyday Gifts!” The miracles and promises of Jesus that show us the awesome blessings we can experience each day. I hope it encourages you!


When I first committed my life to God and entered into that incredible relationship it radically transformed my life. So much that I wanted to share my joy with those I cared about.

I had literally gone from darkness to light. From anxiety to peace, emptiness to fullness, loneliness to love. I thought everyone would rejoice in my new discovery.

Yet, I found resistance and excuses often.  Annoyingly, the same exact excuses I’d once used.


Photo Credit: Sandeepachetan

Photo Credit: Sandeepachetan


One friend said, “Well it sounds nice for you but it’s just not for me.”

Another said, “You know, maybe later. I’m just not done really living quite yet.”

Another asked, “Well, what about those people in Africa who haven’t heard of Jesus? I don’t think I could believe in a God who’d condemn them.”

I felt frustrated because what was so life changing to me was met by some with indifference or even criticism.

And I felt somehow responsible for the eternity of those who’d rejected what I said. That was a heavy load.


Frankly, I don’t want to be in charge of the universe, thank you very much.


It’s what I find both comforting and frightening in Jesus’ words to his disciples as he sent them into ministry. He’d already told them to pronounce God’s full blessings on those who accepted them.


Then he says, “And if some home or town will not welcome you or listen to you, then leave that place and shake the dust off your feet. I assure you that on the Judgement Day God will show more mercy to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah than to the people of that town!” (Matthew 10: 14-15 GNT)


Wow. What a stark contrast. Jesus leaves no neutral ground.

We have the opportunity of a relationship with God that’s filled with unimaginable blessings. Or we can choose separation from God and all that is light, love and life.


I’m encouraged that we get to choose.


And that I don’t need to answer the question about people in Africa because I can’t. I do know God is fair and just. And I also know I’m responsible for what I’ve heard.

But it terrifies me that at some point God may finally leave a person alone who continues to reject him. He never forces the relationship on anyone.

We choose to live in that relationship or not.  That to me is amazing.


Seizing that moment will determine the trajectory of our lives.


When did you seize that moment?

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