Finding Peace When You Feel Rejected by a Loved One

One of the hardest issues when we enter into a relationship with God is the rejection we’ll be surprised by. Especially sometimes from people we feel closest to.


Photo Credit: Edd Sowden

Photo Credit: Edd Sowden


I’ve seen it and experienced it several times. Of course it might be my personality that’s less than stellar on occasion also.

Yet, often it comes from ones we think will rejoice in the change that’s taken place.

But think about a wife who suddenly changes and her husband feels excluded.

Or a son and his parents feel somehow like they weren’t good enough.

Or a friend who now doesn’t enjoy some of the previous partying so she feels excluded.

What’s frustrating is when we’re trapped in that position we can’t go back because, well, we’ve changed. And we feel hurt going forward.

Now I’ll be the first to say some Christians can be really obnoxious. I’ve met more than a couple. And I don’t like hanging out with them either.


But I’m talking here about those who’ve been positively transformed yet find themselves feeling rejected.


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How to Prevent a Church Split–Part 2

We were in Jerusalem at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the traditional burial place of Jesus. We stood in line inside the huge domed center waiting to enter a small stone hut that allowed a glimpse of the rock where Jesus was laid supposedly. Priests from competing denominations who control that church kept walking through in all their royal garb waving censers smoking with incense. One after another shoved through the crowd to purify the area from the previous priest. Obviously the area had not been purified enough by someone from a different denomination.

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What I Don’t Like About Religion

I’m tired of organized religion frankly but feel closer to God than ever.

I think a lot of people really want to understand and have a relationship with a God who cares about them if only they knew he existed.

Yet unfortunately, I see organized religion built way too often on excluding people.  If I don’t speak the right doctrine, worship the right way, wear the right clothes, give to the right causes then I’m excluded by them.  And they tell me by their god. [Read more…]