How to Make a Church Irrelevant

I believe most of us want spiritual connection.  We wonder at times about the spiritual and would like to connect with God if he’s real.

So perhaps we attend a church.  But what do we often find?

If the church is large we remain anonymous.  No one knows we attended or cares.

If the church is smaller we feel like we accidentally walked in on a wedding and we don’t know anyone.  People treat us courteously but they all know we don’t belong. [Read more…]

Why I Find Church Frustrating

Frankly, I find going to church pretty frustrating.  I didn’t go anywhere for four years after the church we attended melted down.  Just couldn’t motivate myself to go back.

I find most churches seem irrelevant. [Read more…]

What To Do When Your Church Splits

A church in our city has bred more church splits than any church I’ve know.  They drove out the first pastor I knew who was a great teacher.  The next one they didn’t like any better.  So when he wouldn’t leave a core group gutted the church and started a “mission church.”

That spinoff has split several times since.  And those spinoffs have imploded. [Read more…]