What to Do When You Struggle with Doubts

I made a big mistake on Facebook. I have a Facebook friend who often posts atheistic rants. Most are reposts of some offensive quote or short article followed by comments by his groupies.

One day he posted one that was not only particularly offensive but based on dodgy research and faulty logic.


Photo Credit: Sergio Patino


So, as I rarely do, I posted a comment pointing out the irrationality of this article he’d linked to. I mistakenly thought he wanted to rationally discuss this.

My mistake. He responded that I was obviously uneducated and/or stupid for not seeing things the way he did.

I calmly replied again pointing out the illogical development in the article he linked to. At which point some of his followers attacked me personally as he liked their comments and cheered them on.

I realized two things.

One he had no interest in having an open and respectful discussion about faith.

Second, I discovered how to turn off someone’s Facebook feed without un-friending them.


Now I’m the first to say I also struggle with doubts about God at times.


Particularly when I’m faced with a crisis. My faith can leak out pretty fast.

I can question, “Is God for sure real? Is Jesus truly who he said he was? Is Heaven for real? Will God answer my prayers?” [Read more…]

How to Find Assurance When You Struggle With Doubts About God

I was one of those children who authors make big money writing books about to help parents. I challenge everything.

I question authority, ask hard questions and rarely take anything for granted. I especially ridicule authority figures who make grand pronouncements and simply expect everyone to follow in lock step.


Photo Credit:  Marcello Maria Perongini

Photo Credit: Marcello Maria Perongini


Growing up I experimented probably a shade too much. In high school and college that didn’t always play out so well. But it’s just how I’m wired.

So in my faith walk it happens also, often.

The worst though was when I pastored a church. Yeah I know you’re shocked. Pastors are the Supermen of faith. Yeah right.

I’d be driving to the church on Sunday morning often with the kids. All of a sudden the thought would pop into my mind, “Who are you kidding? Are you sure about all this?”


Let me tell you that’s not what you want your mind focused on when you’re getting ready to preach.


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What to Do When Struggling with Doubts in the Midst of Challenges

My faith can be so leaky at times. I mean when I’m in the midst of challenges I can suddenly start questioning everything.

“Is God real? Was Jesus really who he said he was? Is this whole relationship thing true? Will God really help me?”

How can I have so much faith one minute then get blindsided and suddenly struggle so much doubt the next? You’d think I’d learn after all these years. But then you would be wrong.


Photo Credit: Hartwig HKD

Photo Credit: Hartwig HKD


Now I’m guessing you can probably relate. I just bet you feel the same way on a rare occasion. If not I want to talk to you and find out your secret sauce.


Yet, what often happens when we’re struggling with doubt and dare to share it with a Christian friend?


Well, some are understanding and helpful.

But way too often we get sweet little platitudes. You know like greeting card snippets. And they sit about as well as a giant ice cream cone with two toppings and lots of whipped cream eaten on an empty stomach. Not that I’d know personally about that.

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The Mystery That Changes Everything

“So the Word became human and made his home among us.”  (John 1:14 NLT)

The Christmas story is a tough nut to crack.  I would guess most of us have struggled at times with believing God would somehow come to the earth he made and inhabit a human being so he could live here with us.

We wonder, “But how?  How does God become a human?  How can a person fully human and fully God inhabit the same body?  And what difference does it make anyway?” [Read more…]