How to Rediscover Faith when You’re Filled with Doubts

Do you ever struggle with your faith?  I mean overall you believe but sometimes you wrestle with doubts about God and heaven?

I do.  My faith can be very leaky.




We had dinner with friends a few weeks ago and afterwards sat on the restaurant patio enjoying the mild summer evening.

Our wives sat off to the side chatting.  My friend said, “You know I’ve believed in God for years but sometimes my mind just starts racing trying to analyze it all.  Then I get confused and start feeling doubts.  I really struggle with it.  Do you ever have that happen?”

I replied, “Yep.  I have an analytical mind so I need to put everything together logically.”


“Sometimes faith just doesn’t seem to fit very well.”


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Quora Post: “How Do You Keep Your Faith in Situations in Which God Doesn’t Help You?”

I’m over at Quora today.  Please join me as I answer that question:

“I’ve struggled with this too.  I’ve prayed specifically for something I really wanted yet God didn’t answer my prayer the way I asked.

Yet, frankly looking back now I’m often glad he didn’t answer some of those prayers. . . .”

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What to Do When You Struggle with Doubts

I made a big mistake on Facebook. I have a Facebook friend who often posts atheistic rants. Most are reposts of some offensive quote or short article followed by comments by his groupies.

One day he posted one that was not only particularly offensive but based on dodgy research and faulty logic.


Photo Credit: Sergio Patino


So, as I rarely do, I posted a comment pointing out the irrationality of this article he’d linked to. I mistakenly thought he wanted to rationally discuss this.

My mistake. He responded that I was obviously uneducated and/or stupid for not seeing things the way he did.

I calmly replied again pointing out the illogical development in the article he linked to. At which point some of his followers attacked me personally as he liked their comments and cheered them on.

I realized two things.

One he had no interest in having an open and respectful discussion about faith.

Second, I discovered how to turn off someone’s Facebook feed without un-friending them.


Now I’m the first to say I also struggle with doubts about God at times.


Particularly when I’m faced with a crisis. My faith can leak out pretty fast.

I can question, “Is God for sure real? Is Jesus truly who he said he was? Is Heaven for real? Will God answer my prayers?” [Read more…]