When the Impossible Gives Way to the Possible

We all face times when a challenge seems impossible don’t we?  No matter what we do it’s simply not enough?  And no matter the support, we’re left feeling alone.

In this story, we’ve been looking at, Peter steps out of the boat and walks on the water.

So often pastors focus on Peter’s subsequent failure.

Yet, Peter was the one who experienced the miracle wasn’t he?  Though he stumbled he experienced the miracle of the impossible giving way to the possible.

Another part of the story I find interesting is the storm didn’t immediately subside.

Frankly, sometimes our storms don’t either.  Often this is the hardest part.

Sometimes we find our way out of the storm by heading in a new direction.  God solves the problem not the way we expect or even ask but in a completely different way.

The disciples expected Jesus to instantaneously calm the storm as he had before.  Yet this time Jesus had a different miracle in mind.

That night Jesus planned two miracles.

If the disciples had gotten their wish they’d have missed one of them which literally changed everyone that night.  A miracle that gave them confidence for the challenges ahead.  An answer far better than what they asked.

So when we look for what God has promised and then pray with boldness for that, God can unleash his miracle working power.  But he does it in his way.  Then the impossible gives way to the possible.


(Matthew 14: 28-29)

How to See the Impossible Made Possible

We’ve all faced an impossible challenge haven’t we?  No matter what we try it’s not enough and it leaves us scared and frustrated.

So what do we do?

A story of the disciples and Jesus gives a clue.

The disciples are sailing across the Sea of Galilee at night.  Suddenly they’re caught in a ferocious storm.  The wind shreds their sails.  Waves swamp the boat.  Each one remembers friends they’ve lost in these storms.

Suddenly Jesus appears walking on the water to them and says, “Don’t be afraid.”  A bit of an understatement don’t you think?

Peter cries out, “Lord is it you?”

Probably the most important question we can ask.  “Lord are you there?  Do you hear me?  Are you with me?”  We all wonder at times.  So go ahead and ask.  It’s ok.

Second, he says, “Lord tell me to come to you.”

Peter didn’t say, “Lord, I’m climbing out of the boat so hold me up.”  Or “Jesus if you want to calm the storm you can.”

No Peter asks for a promise.  The same way we need to look for what God has promised us in his word.

Then Jesus says, “Come.”

So Peter, out of faith in Jesus’ offer, climbs out of the boat and starts walking to him on the water.  No second guessing.  No hesitation.

Once he had the promise he acted on it.

I wonder how many impossibilities we face would crumble if we did the same?


(Matthew 14: 28-29)

When You’re Trapped in the Impossible

We’ve all been trapped in the impossible haven’t we?  Blindsided by a problem beyond our capabilities to solve?

A marriage that implodes and your spouse just won’t reconcile.

A health crisis the doctors can’t figure out how to cure.

Your career or business evaporates and you simply can’t replace it.

You feel stuck, frustrated, scared and maybe more than a little angry at the situation and God.

Maybe you’re there right now.

Often we respond by finally giving in.  “It’s not my fault.  There’s nothing I can do.  I can’t solve this.  It’s impossible.”

Our friends and family empathize.  We ask for prayer on Facebook.  We’re put on the church prayer list.

And you know, those feelings may be honest and the support appreciated.  But it still doesn’t solve the challenge does it?

Perhaps if you’re part of a charismatic church then you’re told, “Just have more faith.  Pray boldly.  Tell God exactly what you want and when you want it.”

Yet, sometimes that doesn’t work either does it?

Then we’re left feeling not only frustrated but isolated.  It seems like I’m the only one God doesn’t answer those kinds of prayers for.

I’ve lived through both experiences.  Heck, I occasionally still do.

But what if I said there’s a third way that threads between those two approaches?  A way that leads to seeing God work the impossible?

Take hope.  A path leads out of the darkness.

We’ll look further at this next time.

How to See a Miracle in Your Unsolvable Challenge

Let’s face it, we all get blindsided by seemingly unsolvable challenges.

You know the ones motivational speakers maddingly call “opportunities in disguise.” You know the ones we maybe just occasionally wish those same motivational speakers would experience just once.


Photo Credit: danna (curious tangles)

Photo Credit: danna (curious tangles)


We face an unresponsive medical problem, unfixable marriage or wee bit of a nagging addiction.

Or we wake up way too many mornings depressed and hopeless.

Or we eternally struggle financially.

Then too often what do we hear besides the above wonderful answer?

Maybe at church some kind religious saint offers a humble prayer with about as much spiritual power as a Hallmark card inscription.

Or maybe that Sunday the pastor drones on about how God doesn’t work miracles anymore until our eyes glaze and we look for the closest door.

Or we read a motivational blog that says, “Just think positively. Send out positive vibes into the universe that will come around eventually to you.”


And I wonder, “So how long does it take for positive vibe energy to make its way back because frankly I’m in a bit of a hurry here.”


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Power to Accomplish the Impossible

Number 43 in the series “God Rocks: 101 Amazing Everyday Gifts!” Stories and promises of Jesus that show us the awesome blessings we can experience each day. I hope it encourages you!


I’ll tell you the day I quit attending church.


Photo Credit:  Grand Canyon National Park

Photo Credit: Grand Canyon National Park


Our pastor was young, handsome, intelligent, successful with a beautiful family. He was one of the golden boys of our denomination. He had it made. And he was my friend.

He took a leave of absence and we were told by the staff he was working through some issues and not to contact him.

This went on for several months until one afternoon I received a phone call at my office from a friend. He told me our pastor had locked himself in his garage while his family was away and started the car.


I felt numb.


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Advent #1: The Impossible Becomes Possible

A short series in Advent focusing on a few significant snapshots of the Christmas story and the amazing gifts they reveal.


What are you facing today that seems impossible?

Health issues?

An imploding marriage?

Financial struggles?

Emotional upheaval?

A loved one’s or your own imminent death?


Photo Credit: Cary & Kacey Jordan

Photo Credit: Cary & Kacey Jordan


We all go through challenges.  No they don’t all look alike. And for some they’re certainly more severe. But none of us get through this life unscathed.


So the question isn’t if we’ll face struggles but how?

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