The Life Change of Making a Difference

Number 42 in the series “God Rocks: 101 Amazing Everyday Gifts!” Stories and promises of Jesus that show us the awesome blessings we can experience each day. I hope it encourages you!


I’m convinced we’re all wired wanting to leave our mark in this world. We each want to feel we made a difference.

Whether it’s a gang banger tagging freeway overpasses or a teacher in the inner city of Chicago. A missionary in Africa or an annoying zealot Facebook friend. We all want to feel our life mattered.

Yet, how often do most of us really have that opportunity?


Photo Credit: Wonderlane

Photo Credit: Wonderlane


Or instead how often do each of us fill up our lives in lieu of it?

Maybe a bigger house, another expensive car, more golf clubs, more shoes in the closet? Personally I don’t get that last one.

Or maybe more TV or bigger trips. Somehow hoping to find something or at least forget.


Yet, it doesn’t really work does it? I mean maybe for a while but somehow that yearning sneaks in again.


Jesus points us though to the solution.


He said to his disciples, “The harvest is large, but there are few workers to gather it in. Pray to the owner of the harvest that he will send out workers to gather in his harvest.” (Matthew 9:37-38 GNT)


He offers us the chance to literally change our world. We just need to want it.


When I arrived at the church I pastored it was nearly terminal.


Attendance had plummeted. Few families attended because children and youth programs were virtually non-existent. Finances sucked. And there was a malaise of frustration and discouragement.

When I agreed to come it was with the provision that we were going to grow. We were going to start new ministries for all ages. And everyone was going to get involved.

For the next several years I kept that vision constantly in front of them. Most of the members caught it and began using their gifts to fulfill it. Some discovered gifts they didn’t even know they had.

And the church grew. On a few occasions we had standing room only crowds, something that church hadn’t seen in decades. We started ministries for all ages and interests. Families came and their kids got involved. Finances grew and our missions giving increased.

It was a heady time as people discovered the fulfillment of using their gifts to truly make an eternal difference.


We’re all wired differently but we each can experience the life change of making a difference.


How have you seen this in action?

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