The Secret Sauce to Living Continually in Strength

Do you have times that after a tough day you just feel spent?  I think it’s a pretty common experience we all struggle with.

But how do we recharge to keep living this pressurized life in strength?

We catch a glimpse of the answer from a story about Jesus.

He was ministering, teaching and healing and he was spent.

So he told the disciples to go on ahead to the other side of the Sea of Galilee and he would catch up with them.  Then he dismissed the people to go to their homes.  And he went up into the hills to be alone and pray.*

The story doesn’t tell us what he did other than spend time in prayer.  But to only pray he didn’t need to hike that far away.  So I think we can assume a few things that may help us when we’re feeling crushed.

Sure spend some time praying.  But more importantly spend some time listening.  Tell God what you need.  Ask him questions.  Then just listen to your heart and mind.

You’ll be amazed at the answers you receive.

Second, stop trying to be superman.  Realize you’re human and you need times to reenergize.  So plan them.

Third, I think he ate and slept also because it was evening and the story next picks up in early morning.  It’s amazing what a good meal and sleep will do for restoring us.

Time to get restored?


*Matthew 14: 22-23