The Thrill and Terror of Launching: When Confidence Fails

Frankly, as I prepare to launch this blog adventure doubts still gnaw inside.  They ambush me in the quiet hours.

This writing is something I care passionately about but honestly at times wished I didn’t.

Photo by DLR/ Thilo Kratz

Photo by DLR/ Thilo Kratz


I’ve asked myself and God, “I’ve launched other successful ventures before.  Why not just rest on that?  I don’t need this.”

But the passion burns.  When I’ve tried to put it aside it feels like something died.  I simply must try.

So as I sit in our sunroom writing these words I’m reminded not only of Jesus’ promises to be with me but also how often in past ventures I sensed that.


I ask myself, “Will this time be any different?


I’m thinking about the last year of planning.  I can see how the pieces have come together.

As I researched and wrote the thoughts came to mind just as I needed them.

I’ve had confirmation several times from others as I discussed these ideas.  They weren’t just politely supportive but excited about the possibilities.

The confusing technical pieces came into clarity.  Sometimes with the help of a friend or reading a blog post that had just the information I needed.

And often I sense God’s presence.  I know I’m not alone in this venture.  That causes me to pause in awe at times.

So it gives me courage to press on and launch even when filled with doubts.


Jesus told his disciples just before he left them, “If you walk with me and my promises reside in you, you may ask whatever you wish and it will be given to you.  Through that you will bear much fruit glorifying my Father and showing you are my followers.”  (John 15:7-8)


God rejoices in our fruitfulness not our failures.


Perhaps this is stirring your own desires to launch something.  You’ve thought about it for a long time but been afraid to bring it to light.  You want to make a difference and have thoughts of how to do it.  All the details aren’t there yet but you’re secretly excited about it.

You’ve kept putting it off but the desire gnaws inside.  You try to forget but it still creeps in.


So how do you cross that threshold to launch?


What helps me is remembering God wants me to succeed.  I focus on his promise that he desires me to be fruitful not fail.  And because of that he will guide and bless me.

And when that becomes my focus I gain enough courage to take the next step.  Perhaps not enough to launch but enough to move forward.

I see God’s leading in the seemingly insignificant details.  I rarely get the whole plan.  Most of the time only the next step.  And when that’s complete I discover the next one.

Frankly, sometimes it’s maddening.  I just wish God would reveal the whole thing.

And occasionally I sense God’s presence and his pleasure that at least I’m trying.

I’m pretty sure everything won’t turn out like I imagine right now.  But I can tell you God will be with me in the midst and that’s enough.  And he promises the same to each of us.

What happens though when you’ve done all this and you’re still faced with fear?  What do you do then?

We’ll talk about that next.


When you launched into something new what promises did you focus on?  How did it help?