The Tyranny of Life Lived at Full Throttle

I’m guessing most of us on occasion would really like to hear from God.

We face a bewildering challenge that we can’t get a handle on. Wouldn’t it be really nice to hear God’s directions clearly? I mean maybe even audibly even though a little spooky?

Yet, think about for many of us our typical daily routine.

First thing we check emails and turn on the news.

We whip down breakfast chatting with the family briefly as everyone races to get out the door.

Then commute listening to our phones or the radio.

At work we’re barraged with conversations and activity.

At the end of the day we drag into the house exhausted.

Visit with the family over dinner.

Turn on the TV and vegetate until it’s time for bed.

Then we feel confused because we never seem to hear from God. Oh, we slip in a prayer now and then but we think, “He just never seems to answer.”

Yet, I learned a long time ago, and sometimes need to relearn, that God won’t intrude into our chaos.

He’ll let us live in the tyranny of full throttle life if we want.

Or we can step out of it to listen and hear a quiet voice.