Touched by Unimaginable Love

We live in an impersonal world. Yet we all desperately need to connect with those we care about.

Some people have hundreds of Facebook friends yet never meet one for coffee.

Many are surrounded by colleagues every day yet go home to an empty house.

Many attend mega-churches yet remain anonymous.

And frankly too often at church we’re told about a God who will love us. But only if we’re spiritual enough. Attend often. Follow the rituals. And keep all the rules.

Then maybe God in some distant way will concern himself in our lives. Maybe.

But it leaves people feeling alone. Like orphans. Unloved and untouched.

Yet this verse shows a different picture. A love that touches us in spite of our failures. A love unconnected to religion yet from God. A love that is, well, hard to imagine and explain.

Paul writes, “What does “he ascended” mean except that he also descended to the lower, earthly regions.” (Ephesians 4: 9 NIV)

An amazing love. And as we expect to feel it our lives will be changed.

But what can we expect?

Feeling loved by a God who loves us so much he descended from Heaven to be with us.

We catch a glimpse of that love in the relationship Jesus had with his family and closest friends. He laughed and wept with them. They ate dinner together. Adventured together. They were truly best friends.

Yet, in the midst he also had a loving relationship with God his Father. They talked often. He felt his father’s presence. So even on long nights alone he never truly felt lonely. Those simply were times he could be with his Father even more closely.

Yet Jesus came to earth not only to show us that love but to die and go into the “lower regions” however you want to define that. Then he rose again and ascended so we might have a relationship with him forever.

What difference would it make in your life if you expected to feel  loved every day?

And when alone you simply expected to feel even more closely Jesus’ presence?

And think about when you’re filled from the inside with that kind of love what transforming effect it would have on your relationships with others.

As you expect God’s unimaginable love you’ll be touched by it. Tweet: As you expect God’s unimaginable love you’ll be touched by it. @dougarmey #love

How have you experienced God’s unimaginable love?