Two Steps to Start Healing a Relationship

  “I have not stopped thanking God for you. I pray for you constantly.”  (Ephesians 1: 16 NLT)

Relationships are tough.  Without a doubt one of the most critical needs of our lives.  We all want to be loved and to love.

Yet, half of marriages that started out blissfully end in divorce.  And those relationships that don’t get to marriage nearly all end in hurt.

Then add in the rifts in families and friendships that blow up.  What a mess.

And lest you think Christians are immune unfortunately the statistics and real life experience isn’t much different.

And it leaves a trail of hurt and confusion in its wake.

And as far as living the amazing life?  Well, in the midst of a relationship melt down we’re consumed by it.

So what can we do?  Obviously, that’s a complex question with many intricate answers.

But I have found a process that can help diffuse the hurt and start the healing.

Two steps.  Both simple to understand yet incredibly difficult to do.

First, thank God for the other person.  Not just a flippant thanks though.  Stop and think of the other person’s qualities.  What first drew you to him?  Why was she so appealing?  What did you like best?  What do you miss most?

And thank God for those.

Then pray for the other person.  Again not just a cursory prayer.  Truly pray for God to bless him.  To protect her.  To guide him.  To heal her.  Pray for God to help you both sort out the struggle.

You won’t feel like it.  In fact you may feel more like calling down God’s wrath.

But when you do this regularly something changes in you.

You remember what you first loved.  You may feel a sliver of understanding, empathy and perhaps warmth.

And often that’s enough to let the healing start.


What do you do to bring healing to broken relationships?