What a Re-energized Life Looks Like

The pressures of everyday life can crush us at times can’t they?  And they can leave us feeling despondent if we’re not careful.

From a story we looked at last time, we see even Jesus became worn out. So he slipped away often to be alone with God and his own thoughts.*

See I think as a man he struggled with the same things we struggle with.  So the results in his life encourage me.

First, he gained direction from God.

When we’re tune in we can discover the next steps to solving the confusing puzzles we face.

He found rest.

When we’re absolutely bone tired exhausted we can find the rest we need.  Sometimes just being able to slow down and decompress is huge.

He felt God’s presence continually.

Frankly, sensing God’s presence in the midst of the crush is one of the greatest blessings we can receive.

He was restored in strength.

Even when we’re spent we can come back with strength.  We may feel whipped today but that’s not the end of the story.  Strength and power can return for a new day.

He saw God’s power work in miraculous ways.

He offers us that same power.  So should we expect to see anything less?

And he found peace.  Perhaps he grew despondent at times as well.

But peace sneaks back in.  The strength and confidence to go back out and continue on returns.

Have you found the same?


*Matthew 14: 22-23