What Difference Does Going to Church Really Make?

Study after study from Christian research organizations show an alarming trend.

Those who attend church regularly have nearly the same divorce rate as those who don’t. The percentage of people struggling with devastating emotional issues is identical. The level of addiction to prescription pain medication is about the same in the church as outside.

Something’s gone off the rails. It feels somehow like God’s power has left the building.

So what’s the response?

More sermons on, “Six steps to live effectively.” Or, “How to have the right kind of faith.” Or some deep theological thesis.

The ones struggling go to church hoping for answers. Yet, they look around and everyone else seems so happy. They think, “They’ve all got it together. What’s wrong with me?”

And the others are looking back at them thinking the same thing.

They leave feeling like a failure. Ignored by a church that has no idea what they’re going through. And perhaps feeling rejected by God because they just can’t measure up.

I know. I’ve been there at times.

But life wasn’t intended this way. We were meant to live victoriously and filled with power.

What would happen if we heard that and truly expected it?