What Do You Do When Life Throws You a Curve and You Need to Clobber a Home Run?

A friend described her life as feeling like a wildebeest.

She said, “I get up in the morning with a plan and by noon I’m going a completely different direction.  Then by 3 I’ve changed direction again.  Like a wildebeest wandering aimlessly.”

I can relate.  Some days I get to the end and can just recycle my plans because none of them got accomplished.

Yet, life comes at us like that doesn’t it?  I mean we lay out our best plans and then the phone rings.

And if you’re a goal focused person, rather goal obsessed person, like I am?  Yikes, you can grow really frustrated.

That’s why it’s good to pause and remember God’s promise.

“A person plans his course but God guides his steps.”

I’m so glad.  Although, I have to be honest, there are days I wonder if anyone is steering the bus.

But in those times you just relax and trust God is in control because he promised he would be.

Then you get to see where he’s taking you.  You may be surprised.  Yet, often it’s so much better.

God promises he hasn’t lost control even when you have.  And you’ll arrive at your destination though it may change.

Welcome aboard the bus.

Buckle up!


*Proverbs 16:9