What Do You Do When You Run Out of Strength to Press On?

There are times when each of us reach the end of our own power to keep pressing on against the challenges.  Sometimes we’ve fought the battle for so long we just grow tired and want to give up.

Into that void, though, flows God’s power when we simply rest back in him.

Micah, the prophet, wrote, “But as for me I am filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord.”*

I love that image because I’ve had occasions, probably like you, when I’ve felt overwhelmed and I couldn’t go one more step.

Yet God, in his love, brought me fresh strength when I rested in him.  He clarified my mind and filled me with his power.

He offers that to you as well, whatever you face today.   If your abilities and strength have run out he offers you his power as you simply come back and rest in him.

*Micah 3: 8 (ESV)