What to Do When It Seems Like God’s Deserted You

We’ve all faced struggles, I’d guess, when it seems like God’s deserted us haven’t we? In fact, may be you’re feeling that right now.

Not only is the struggle tough enough. But then feeling like God doesn’t know or care can leave us feeling pretty alone and frustrated can’t it?

Jesus was ministering when he heard that his cousin John had been murdered. So he sailed to the other side of the Sea of Galilee to be alone.

Yet, people were waiting to see him. People struggling with real issues and impossible conditions. So they left their town and walked around the lake several miles to find Jesus. Then he healed the ones who were sick.*

Why did some finally see the miracle they needed even though they perhaps felt he’d deserted them?

I think one of reasons was they proactively went after it. No fooling around. No dabbling in it. They full up went after Jesus.

What might that look like in our lives?

First, they took the time. They stopped everything and went after him.

How often do we get so wrapped up in all the busyness of our lives we just never take the time to really seek out God’s answers?

Second, they did that was because frankly they truly believed he had the answers. If they didn’t believe that they wouldn’t have chased after him.

Third, they bet all on Jesus’ answers. No plan B. No second guessing. They went all in even though it probably would mean ridicule or worse from those who opposed him.

Then they saw Jesus act. They watched him heal. They found answers to their struggles. They knew he cared.

I wonder what would happen if we did the same?


*Matthew 14:13-14