What to Do When You Face the Impossible and Need God’s Miracle

It seems like we have so many friends struggling with so many issues.  I finally told Jennifer, “Don’t answer the phone. No one is calling with good news.”

Health issues, financial challenges, relationship struggles.  And no matter how hard they work the challenges remain.  I mean, what gives?

I don’t have an answer but I do have a contrasting picture.

Paul writes, “God will fulfill all your needs with his glorious riches.”

Wow!  Not just some needs and not just barely enough to get by.  No all of your needs will be fulfilled with the unlimited riches only God has.

So what do you face that’s bigger than God’s riches?  What do you face that’s stronger than God’s power?

Nothing that I can imagine, or if you do want any part of.

So how do you see those riches in your life?

Just ask and anticipate.  That’s it.

And I’ll tell you from personal experience I’ve had times when I faced the impossible and have seen God’s amazing power work.

Not because of any special spiritual power on my part.  Believe me it’s not there.  But simply because I asked and thought, “If he promised who am I to doubt?”

So simple even I can follow those directions.


*Philippians 4:19