What to do When You Have One of Those Days

Yesterday was one of those days. You know the kind.

Stressed helping one of our children wrestle through a major issue.

Near constant pressure trying to provide care for my wife’s elderly parents.

Then a computer went down at my office.

And to top it off when I tried to post on my blog the software glitched. Yikes!

Seriously as I drove to work the thought popped into my mind, “First you raise your kids. Then you start over with your parents. And when that ends you’re so worn out your kids ask, ‘Why don’t you ever do anything fun anymore?’”

I prayed something like, “God, really?”

But I’ve also learned, too often the hard way, in those times I need to change my focus. Sure I need to figure out how to solve the challenges, of course.

But I also need to shift focus.

I can obsess on the problems or remember God’s promises.

I can worry about the challenges or remember how he’s blessed me.

I can fret or I can step back and rest in the peace he offers.

I get to choose.

As I drove to work yesterday I actually prayed, “God why do we have so many challenges? It just never seems to end?”

And I really sensed he responded, “So you rest in my promises and in me.” Hmm.

This morning, though still facing the same challenges, I feel much more encouraged. I still need to solve the issues but I have peace that God knows what those are and has some ideas on what to do. At least I hope he does.

And you know for today that’s enough.

The verse that encouraged me today says, “So I ask you not to become discouraged because of the sufferings I am having for you. My sufferings are for your glory.” (Ephesians 3: 13 NCV)

The previous passage talks about faith so this one builds on that as the remedy for discouragement. And he says that even in our struggles our lives will be blessed and through that glorify God. Pretty cool.

Discouragement or encouragement, the choice is really ours.

What do you do to overcome discouragement?