What to do When Your Job Gets Sequestered: Seeking Directions

A friend recently sent out a group email that she had been laid off due to downsizing and if anyone knew of a job in that field to please let her know.

She needs to work to help pay the family bills and put their daughters through college.


Photo by flickrohit

Photo by flickrohit


Yet, I also know she hated her job. 


When Jennifer and I would have dinner with her and her husband she always seemed exhausted.  She’s creative in interior design and had her own business at one time which she loved but it didn’t pay enough.

I emailed her back, “Of course, I’ll pass on any leads I get and help you anyway I can.  But before you jump back in why not see if this a chance to make a change.  You hated your job and your creative talents were wasted.  Maybe it’s an opportunity to explore going back to what you enjoy.”

She replied, “Thanks for your encouragement.  I will do that.  I’m praying through it to see what might work out.  Right now I’m exploring all the options.”

I haven’t spoken to her about that since so I don’t know what happened but at least she’s exploring.  She’s asking God to direct her into the next phase and he will.  And she’s open to going where he leads.

She’ll find her way and it’ll be good.


Proverbs says, “A man plans his directions but the Lord directs his steps.”  (Proverbs 16:9)


We need to plan, God promises to direct.


A lot of us have faced a layoff or a failed business.  If you haven’t count yourself among the few.

You work hard trying to get ahead, provide for your family, save for retirement.  Then it crumbles under your feet when you least expect it.

Our first reaction normally is, “Why me?  Why do these things always happen to me?”

Then next panic sets in, “I need to fix this now.  I’ve got to get a job.  How will I pay the bills?”


So we race out to take whatever pops up without slowing down long enough to figure out where we might go next.  Missing the opportunity and only seeing the challenge.


I understand, I’ve been there.  But I’ve also found one other step incredibly helpful.  I just stop long enough to ask God, “What now?  What are you opening up for me?  Do you have a new direction?”

Those questions can allow us to sense God’s leading and open up a whole new course for our lives.

Often we realize the job we lost we hated.  We felt stressed out all the time.  We dreaded Mondays.

So this is the opportunity to start fresh.  Seek out the life we know deep inside we were meant for.

Plan for sure but also listen.  And God will be there filling your mind with fresh ideas of where to go next.  And they will be good.

The old path, the one you trudged down each morning, is closed.  So before you knock down the detour sign and head down it again stop long enough to see what new plans God has in store.

I predict they will amaze you.

But how in the midst of the pressure can we do this?  We’ll talk about that next time.


When have you been downsized?  What did you do?  What happened?


If this post helped you please share it.  Blessings!