When the Impossible Becomes Possible

As we talked about last time, we all at times face the impossible don’t we? And no matter what we do it just isn’t enough.

Maybe a marriage implodes. Or health crumbles. Or a new enterprise collapses.

Suddenly we’re struggling trying to figure out what to do. Feeling scared and alone because nothing is working like it should.

As we looked at last time, Jesus’ disciples faced the impossible. 20,000 hungry people that Jesus just told them to feed. Yet, they didn’t have enough food even for themselves.

Suddenly they had to act on their minuscule faith. That seemed like an impossibility in itself.

Yet, I find encouragement for my own impossibilities in this story.

Amazingly, we see miracles happening inside of miracles.

First, of course, is the main miracle. 20,000 people were fed with a small supper that should have fed two. The food kept multiplying. No matter how much one person took when they passed on the basket there was more food.

Then the baskets multiplied. They started with one and ended up with twelve. Maybe others shared their food also. Maybe the disciples had more baskets. Maybe the baskets themselves multiplied. I don’t know when that happened because we aren’t told.

Third, the people were changed. They shared. No hoarding. No fighting. As long as the baskets kept moving the miracle expanded.

Fourth, the disciples were changed. They’d seen the impossible happen and they would never be the same again.

They gained an important perspective in thinking beyond their own ability to fix the impossible. Suddenly God did something completely outside of their experience and understanding.

And it all started simply because the disciples took their impossibility and gave it to the one who makes all things possible.

What would happen if we did the same?


*Matthew 14: 19-21