When the Impossible Gives Way to the Possible

We all face times when a challenge seems impossible don’t we?  No matter what we do it’s simply not enough?  And no matter the support, we’re left feeling alone.

In this story, we’ve been looking at, Peter steps out of the boat and walks on the water.

So often pastors focus on Peter’s subsequent failure.

Yet, Peter was the one who experienced the miracle wasn’t he?  Though he stumbled he experienced the miracle of the impossible giving way to the possible.

Another part of the story I find interesting is the storm didn’t immediately subside.

Frankly, sometimes our storms don’t either.  Often this is the hardest part.

Sometimes we find our way out of the storm by heading in a new direction.  God solves the problem not the way we expect or even ask but in a completely different way.

The disciples expected Jesus to instantaneously calm the storm as he had before.  Yet this time Jesus had a different miracle in mind.

That night Jesus planned two miracles.

If the disciples had gotten their wish they’d have missed one of them which literally changed everyone that night.  A miracle that gave them confidence for the challenges ahead.  An answer far better than what they asked.

So when we look for what God has promised and then pray with boldness for that, God can unleash his miracle working power.  But he does it in his way.  Then the impossible gives way to the possible.


(Matthew 14: 28-29)