When You Come to the End of Yourself and It’s Not Enough

We all get slammed by challenges at times don’t we? I mean, I don’t care how spiritually mature you are stuff just happens.

We receive lab test results we don’t want. A spouse walks out and really doesn’t want to reconcile. We implode financially and count the days until bankruptcy.

Then our world spins out of control and we just can’t make it stop.

So how do we respond?

I don’t know about you, but I often step up my pace, double my efforts. And you know, sometimes that works.

Yet, if I’m heading the wrong direction I only get where I don’t want to go a lot quicker.

Plus often we end up exhausted from racing which keep us further away from finding solutions.

Instead God promises he has the map and he’ll reveal it to us as we need it.

No, in my experience, most of the time he doesn’t give us the map. He just navigates for us turn by turn. And personally I can find that really frustrating. Because I like knowing where I’m going.

But if we’ll just look for his leading and listen to his guidance we’ll discover he is with us.