When You Feel Just Spent

Do you ever have days when you feel just spent?  I mean, by the end of the day the pressures and challenges leave you feeling like so much road kill?

I’m kind of a balance between extrovert and introvert.  I enjoy being around people.  I’m energized on conversation up to a point.

But I also find after a full day of meetings and talking with clients.  Particularly on a pressurized day when the economy and financial markets are going crazy I come home spent.  Frankly, I just want to exercise, read and become a hermit.

Those days my wife finds me to be less than a sterling conversationalist.  I’m just wrung out.  I’ve nothing left.

Frankly, when I’m in that place I can drift into growing despondent very easily.  Suddenly my world and life can grow dark.

I used to sort of double down, up the pace.  Suck it up and get busier.

Yet, that always ended poorly.

I used to think something was wrong with me.  Ok well maybe.  But that also only pushed me further into a funk.

Finally, I realized it’s just how I’m wired.

I also realized that even Jesus, as powerful as he was, after spending time with people teaching, ministering and healing was often exhausted.  So he stepped out of the crush for a while to recharge.

If that was true for him what makes me think it isn’t for me.

Understanding that has changed my life in remarkable ways.  What about you?