Why Do So Many Church-goers Never Experience the Miracle Life?

Frankly I’m baffled by why some people seem to connect to a church yet never really experience what I call the amazing life. Yeah, I’ve had some dry periods but overall it’s been an amazing run.

They seem to make a commitment. Sign a commitment card, get baptized, join the church. Maybe even volunteer.
But then some challenge hits. An illness, financial crisis, career struggle, marital implosion. Yet, instead of tying in closer they drift away.

Or they kind of just get bored with the whole church thing. It just doesn’t seem so relevant anymore. They’ve heard all the sermons and now are on reruns. So they stop coming regularly and finally just drift away.

Yet, for some the tragedy is they never really experience the amazing life God offers. They may think, “Well, maybe it’s not real or just wasn’t me.” If they even were expecting anything supernatural at all.

So why the disconnect? Jesus promised us an amazing life that would blow our minds. How do believers miss it?

I think it has something to do with committing all in. Not playing church but going all in to experience the life God designed for each of us.

What do you think?