Why Don’t We See the Miraculous More Often?

I find it ironic that the most militant atheists I know all grew up going to church. Those who rarely went to church, most of the time, are just indifferent. Yet those, who as a kid, went to church are the ones who seem the most vocally opposed to it.

One acquaintance posts antagonistic comments on Facebook. Yet, his thoughts reveal a pretty good knowledge of the Bible.

Another “loves to debate Christians,” yet was raised going to a fairly strict church. In college he made the decision to have no more of it and today labels anyone who believes in God as stupid.

A third was raised in a southern fundamentalist church. When she moved to the west coast she gave it up and said when she goes home they never talk about religion.

I experienced a similar journey in college turning away from my spiritual upbringing though not militantly.

Even Jesus found the same when he went back to his home town after a ministry journey.

Neighbors questioned him, “Who do you think you are? We watched you grow up. We know your family.”

It says they were offended by him, literally scandalized.

And they saw little of Jesus’ power.*


Matthew 13:57-58