Why Is It So Hard to Understand the Secrets of Living Effectively?

Do you ever have those times when you feel like you’re finally getting this thing called life figured out? Then wham you get blindsided and you’re left flailing?

I’ve gone through that I don’t even know how many times. In fact, occasionally I get just a little edgy when I feel like everything is wired up. I start wondering, “Do I really have it figured out or am I in the eye of the hurricane?”

I know I’m not supposed to think that way but just sometimes.

I’ve seen many different reactions when people are hit with challenges that defy understanding. Heck, I’ve had many different reactions.

Sometimes we double down. Head down. Try harder doing the same things. Step up the pace.

The problem is sometimes we’re racing in the wrong direction.

Or we want to give up. Quit. Nada. No more. “I’ve had enough.”

But the problem doesn’t leave does it?

So why are we faced with these seemingly unknowable challenges? Why is life so confusing at times?

Perhaps we weren’t meant to walk all in our own knowledge.

Perhaps when we slow down enough to focus on the one who has all the answers we’ll find them.