Would You Like Your Life to Grow More and More Amazing?

I celebrated a birthday a few months ago. Well, actually more like ignored it. Now in my sixties I try to forget them.

Over the last few years I’ve had several friends die. Another just last week.

Which along with the grief I find is an irritating reminder that life is finite and goes by way too fast.

I’ve had a great life. Been truly blessed. Had some successes and more than a few failures.

Yet, frankly there’s so much more I’d still like to do but time is ripping by.

In the midst of that it’s easy to give up or give in. I hear friends make excuses, “Well, I’m too old.” Or “It’s too late.”

I also watch others bury themselves in activity never stopping to think about what life could be.

Yet, when we’re all alone with our thoughts the realization that life is slipping by sneaks in. And for some the regrets of what could have been but now will never be.

I truly believe God has a different plan, though. The best is yet to come. Life is meant to just get better and better.

What would happen if we expected that? What might we see?