Your Problems Don’t Surprise God

Most of time we have our lives all wrapped up in neat little boxes.  God’s tucked away in his proper box.  We’re following tidy three step plans for success.  Living under the radar.

Then wham we get smacked by the unexpected.

And we think, “What happened?  Where is God?  How could he let this happen?”

And it leaves us wondering, “Can and will God help me?  Is this one is beyond his power or concern?”

Truthfully, questioning is normal.  I do it often.

So the problem isn’t questioning.  The problem comes if we stay there.

Then we find neither peace nor resolution.

That’s what I love about this verse.  It is so short and seemingly obtuse.  Yet makes profound promises for just those kinds of times.

“According to his eternal purpose which he accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  (Ephesians 3:11 NIV)

So why is that so profound?

Here’s what it says to me as God’s child when I’m in the midst of a struggle.

First, God has a plan for my life.  He knew and planned for me from before time began.  And he continues to lead me in his plan even when I go into a ditch.  Frankly that brings me incredible peace.  I’m not some cosmic accident drifting in space buffeted by all the winds of chance.

Second, God accomplishes what he promises.  Period.  I can bank on it and I do because I’ve seen it happen over and over.  Nothing is beyond his power.  And God delights in fulfilling his promises to his children.

Third, I’m not alone.  Jesus walks with me every day in everything.  He has seen it all and he isn’t surprised by anything.  And he loves me with a love that never changes and never diminishes.

And for me when I’m feeling challenged with something I can’t figure out I realize I don’t have to.  At least not at the moment.  And that brings me surprising peace.


Our challenges may surprise us but they don’t surprise God.


What challenges have you faced that seemed overwhelming yet God was with you in the midst?