Sunday Music: “You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Celtic Woman

What a beautifully sung reminder that when we live in a relationship with God we truly never walk alone.

A moving arrangement that you need to watch all the way to the end.

Hope you have a blessed Sunday.

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How to Live in a Relationship with the Miracle Working God

Frankly, if I wasn’t a believer I don’t think I’d ever go to church. Well actually, I don’t go real often now.

I mean most of it seems so powerless and detached. Why bother? I can only endure so much rote ritual and still call it fun.


Photo Credit: Ojie Paloma

Photo Credit: Ojie Paloma


So often what’s taught is deep theological thoughts about a God who set up this universe then got bored with it all so he retired. Oh and of course the minutia of correct doctrine also.

Which, by the way, I personally find absolutely fascinating. Yeah, not so much.

But when life hits the fan and we really need a God who’s there and isn’t on vacation we’re left with little confidence he’ll actually intercede.


Also we’re left with a brain packed with correct doctrine but little real power.


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Sunday Music: “How Can It Be” by Lauren Daigle

A beautiful reminder of God’s forgiveness no matter what roads we’ve traveled.

I hope on this Sunday you rest in that assurance of God’s never ending love and acceptance.

What are your thoughts?

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How to Discover a Real Relationship with the Real God

I think a lot of organized religion is really a mess. Now in case you’re wanting to shoot think about it.

Surveys show most people in the U.S. believe in God and a majority attend services at least occasionally.

Yet, our society is pretty screwy.


Photo Credit: Neil Moralle

Photo Credit: Neil Moralle


Facebook, I’ve heard, now has over 50 gender selections to choose from for your profile. Yikes, and I always thought there were only two. Talk about being behind the times.

Then look at the divorce rate, crime rate, number of children raised by single parents and it’s not a stretch to say something’s seriously whacked out.


Yet, I look at so much organized religion and in my most theological words say, “What are they thinking?”


I mean we have what we could label “Mr. Potato Head” theology.

Do you remember the children’s game?  The one you play with a raw potato.  Yes, I know I am seriously dating myself here.  Anyway, as you play the game you pick out the parts you want your potato head to look like.  A nose here, ears there, eyes over here.  You create him into your masterpiece.

Well too many people apply that same process to their view of God.  Add on the parts you like.  Forget the parts you don’t.  Only problem is it doesn’t do much for your confidence when you need it most because you created God to look like you want not like he truly is.

Or we have “Super-Size Me” theology.

Americans love super-size anything.  Triple burgers, jumbo fries, 64 oz. Mega Gulp soft drinks, mammoth SUV’s.  You know the bigger the better.

So we drag that over into church.  Concert perfect productions. Jumbo screens. Slick videos. Model pastor couple. Short entertaining messages.  Move the crowd in.  Move the crowd out.

Yet when we leave often we feel somehow empty don’t we?

Now I’m not saying you can’t find a relationship with God or some elements of truth through those churches. Frankly though, I’m surprised often by the places God pops up.


But I also see way too often people enter into that relationship with God but grow stale quickly.


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How to See a Miracle in Your Unsolvable Challenge

Let’s face it, we all get blindsided by seemingly unsolvable challenges.

You know the ones motivational speakers maddingly call “opportunities in disguise.” You know the ones we maybe just occasionally wish those same motivational speakers would experience just once.


Photo Credit: danna (curious tangles)

Photo Credit: danna (curious tangles)


We face an unresponsive medical problem, unfixable marriage or wee bit of a nagging addiction.

Or we wake up way too many mornings depressed and hopeless.

Or we eternally struggle financially.

Then too often what do we hear besides the above wonderful answer?

Maybe at church some kind religious saint offers a humble prayer with about as much spiritual power as a Hallmark card inscription.

Or maybe that Sunday the pastor drones on about how God doesn’t work miracles anymore until our eyes glaze and we look for the closest door.

Or we read a motivational blog that says, “Just think positively. Send out positive vibes into the universe that will come around eventually to you.”


And I wonder, “So how long does it take for positive vibe energy to make its way back because frankly I’m in a bit of a hurry here.”


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Sunday Music: “What Love Really Means” by J.J. Heller

What a beautiful reminder that no matter who we are or what we’ve done God still loves us.  And when the love around us fails at times God’s love never does and it fills our deepest needs.

I hope you enjoy this song on your Sunday.

What are your thoughts?

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What to Do When Struggling with Doubts in the Midst of Challenges

My faith can be so leaky at times. I mean when I’m in the midst of challenges I can suddenly start questioning everything.

“Is God real? Was Jesus really who he said he was? Is this whole relationship thing true? Will God really help me?”

How can I have so much faith one minute then get blindsided and suddenly struggle so much doubt the next? You’d think I’d learn after all these years. But then you would be wrong.


Photo Credit: Hartwig HKD

Photo Credit: Hartwig HKD


Now I’m guessing you can probably relate. I just bet you feel the same way on a rare occasion. If not I want to talk to you and find out your secret sauce.


Yet, what often happens when we’re struggling with doubt and dare to share it with a Christian friend?


Well, some are understanding and helpful.

But way too often we get sweet little platitudes. You know like greeting card snippets. And they sit about as well as a giant ice cream cone with two toppings and lots of whipped cream eaten on an empty stomach. Not that I’d know personally about that.

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How to Know for Sure You’ll Live in Heaven

I’ve been going to way too many funerals lately. And terrifyingly the friends who’ve passed away are getting closer and closer to my age. I know, strange.

So I think about that subject more now than when I was say 20. Maybe has something to do with feeling like I’m on runaway skis heading for the trees and I can’t slow down.  And yes there is a story there but not today.


Photo Credit: Tony Fischer

Photo Credit: Tony Fischer


Anyway, I think most of us, when we’re quiet enough, think sometimes about what happens beyond this life. I mean I think you’d be crazy if you didn’t.

And I think we’d all like some sense of assurance about Heaven and if we’re going to live there.

Yet, we all deal with that issue in different ways don’t we?

Sometimes it’s easier to just fill life up so we never stop long enough to think about it. First thing in the morning check emails. Listen to the radio or podcasts while commuting. Busy at work all day. Immerse in TV at home. Non-stop weekends.

Yikes, no wonder we have more time saving devices today yet feel more stressed than any previous generation.
But I don’t think the gnawing ever completely goes away.


So what if we really could feel assured of Heaven? What difference would it make?


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Sunday Music: “Higher Window” by Josh Groban

A beautiful song and encouraging reminder that there is a “light from a higher window” shining down on us in the midst of our sometimes very dark times.

And it is never too late to let it shine into our darkness.

I hope on this song encourages and blesses you on your Sunday.




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How to See Spiritual Super Power in Your Life

Do you ever listen to a preacher or read a spiritual blog and think, “Wow, I wish I had that kind of faith. I’d love to see that kind of power.”

Yeah, I do too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought, “Man, if I just had more faith. I could use a miracle right about now. What’s wrong with me?”

But the problem is at that point we can kind of give up. I mean I feel sometimes like the bar is set way too high and I can never clear it so why try.


Photo Credit:  Library & Archives Canada

Photo Credit: Library & Archives Canada


Kind of like elementary school when we did the high jump. It was not my strong suit. My legs just don’t spring. So when I lined up they’d say, “Lower the bar. Here he comes.” And they’d put it down so I could almost hop over it.


Yet, when we stop expecting God to act in our lives we stop seeing him act.


Oh, he’s still blessing us but we aren’t looking for miracles so we don’t see them.

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