Experiencing Unlimited Power

Every summer I meet with a group of my high school buds that I graduated with at a mini-reunion. What a great time.

I started it a few years ago because a couple of our buds died unexpectedly way too young. I thought there’s no reason to wait.

Every year it causes me to think back on the dreams we each had. And how life has taken unexpected paths. Some good, some difficult.


Health issues, career setbacks, death of loved ones. Things that can derail us.

Challenges each of us face. And as a result we can end up with lives of frustration or fulfillment depending on our response. [Read more...]

Touched by Unimaginable Love

We live in an impersonal world. Yet we all desperately need to connect with those we care about.

Some people have hundreds of Facebook friends yet never meet one for coffee.

Many are surrounded by colleagues every day yet go home to an empty house.

Many attend mega-churches yet remain anonymous.

And frankly too often at church we’re told about a God who will love us. But only if we’re spiritual enough. Attend often. Follow the rituals. And keep all the rules.

Then maybe God in some distant way will concern himself in our lives. Maybe.

But it leaves people feeling alone. Like orphans. Unloved and untouched. [Read more...]

Free to Live Your Fullest

So many people live trapped in the past. They live weighed down never able to live at their fullest.

They carry hurts from past relationships.

They live defeated because of past failures.

They carry guilt and sometimes shame.

They live fearful that the past will repeat.

Sometimes they go to church to find answers and way too often are told they’re unworthy and God is angry.

And it leaves them just trying to survive with their dreams crushed. [Read more...]

Sunday Music: “Lifesong” by Casting Crowns

One of my favorite songs.  And a desire of my heart.

Where ever you are on this Sunday I hope it touches your heart as well.



Do you have a favorite music video?


Living Your Legacy

I was talking with a friend at a wedding who I hadn’t seen in years. I asked about her kids and she said her son was working at their church as the janitor.

Then she said almost defensively, “But he has great benefits.”

I responded, “That’s great.” But thought, “What a shame.”

Not because the job isn’t worthwhile but because from her comment I could tell that her son has potential for other things but settled for the benefits.

How often do we take a job just for the benefits? Then wake up 30 years later and think, “What happened to my dreams?” [Read more...]

How to Prevent a Church Split–Part 3

I think if Christians spent as much time trying to share the good news of God’s love as they do focusing on who’s most spiritual they could change the world.

I also think a lot of non-believers look at churches going through all this inner family bickering and think, “No thanks. I’ve got enough problems.”

I mean, why wouldn’t they? [Read more...]

Sunday Music: “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe

A beautiful song.

One that brings tears to my eyes as I look forward to seeing again those I love who are waiting for me on the other side.

I hope it brings comfort to you on your Sunday.


Do you have a favorite music video?


How to Prevent a Church Split–Part 2

We were in Jerusalem at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the traditional burial place of Jesus. We stood in line inside the huge domed center waiting to enter a small stone hut that allowed a glimpse of the rock where Jesus was laid supposedly. Priests from competing denominations who control that church kept walking through in all their royal garb waving censers smoking with incense. One after another shoved through the crowd to purify the area from the previous priest. Obviously the area had not been purified enough by someone from a different denomination.

Several thoughts ran through my mind. [Read more...]

Quote: On Religion by Don Miller

“I confess I might be a cynic, but I’m convinced there aren’t any religious formulas that work.”

Your thoughts?

Do you have a favorite quote?

How to Prevent a Church Split

A church I know formed when a group split from another church. Yet, in the last 25 years they’ve spawned a church because of another split, fired numerous pastors and turned over the membership regularly. All with devastating results.

People come to church to find peace and love in an otherwise often impersonal and crazy world.

So when a group leaves to start a competing church it feels like a civil war splitting friends and families. [Read more...]