How to Discover Supernatural Guidance When You Need it Most

We all face times when we could use a little supernatural guidance don’t we?

We get slammed.  A pink slip in our pay envelope telling us, “Your services are no longer needed.”  A spouse says, “I’m moving out.”  The doctor tells you, “I’d like to run some more tests.”

Suddenly our world spins out of control and we could really use some answers.


Hiking path


So what do we normally do?

We discuss it with our next door neighbor, barber, brother, bartender.  Yet, often when you look at their lives they don’t have life wired up all that much better do they? [Read more…]

How to Find a Relationship with God When You’re Tired of Religion

Super hero Christians really made me nervous when I was in college.

I remember once, while living at the fraternity house, going to church.  I can’t remember why, probably as a favor to my mom or to meet cute girls.

I showed up for the late service because of a party the night before.  I walked in blurry-eyed with a headache.  Organ music played, light streamed through stain glass, everyone looked perfect all dressed up .

I tried to slip into the back but nope an usher took me right down to the front.  Third row back in the middle of a packed pew, I couldn’t escape.


Cloudy Church


By the end of the sermon the preacher had people crying.  People next to me were praying out loud and loudly.  Then the preacher told people to come forward to get right with God.

The dam broke, a flood went down.  Half of my row emptied so I followed them out of the pew then bolted for the side door to escape. [Read more…]

Quora Post: I am in My Late 20s and Feel I Have Wasted a Lot of Time. Is It Too Late for Me to Achieve Something Worthwhile?

I am over at Quora today answering this question:

“In my mid twenties my wife and I lived in an apartment in such a rough part of town I worried our old Volkswagen bug would be stolen.

I asked a neighbor about it and he replied, ‘Don’t worry. The people who live around here go to other neighborhoods to steal nice cars’. . . .”

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Rediscovering a Relationship of Freedom, Peace and Power with God

I went through hell and back spiritually.

I started out so well.  I experienced an amazing transformation that resulted in an incredible peace, joy and love.


Quiet Joy


Yet, I got tangled up in the legalism of religion.

I felt crushed with a never ending load of more rules to please God and experience his blessings.


Some days I felt like I was literally going crazy.  I prayed for the chaos in my mind to stop.


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Quora Post: What Important Things Does a 20-Year-Old Need to Know About Money and Finance?

I’m writing at Quora answering this question.

“I was baptized by fire in investing in my early thirties.

I received some money through a business transaction which pretty much represented our entire net worth.

I wanted to invest it so I called a broker I knew and he invested it for me in some stock investments. Of course, almost immediately, the stock market took one of its regular and terrifying dumps. . . .”

You can read the rest here.

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How to Overcome the Tyranny of Religion to Find God

When I entered into this relationship with God I discovered a peace and joy I’d never experienced before.  At times I could feel God with me in a way that I simply can’t describe.

After college graduation I decided to go to seminary.  I thought, “Surely I’ll grow a lot closer to God by going to seminary.  I’ll study about that relationship full time.  What could be better?”


Studying books


The first seminary I attended focused primarily on two things.  First, why the Bible couldn’t be trusted and second how social action was paramount.

It left me feeling bewildered and adrift so I left.

The next seminary I attended focused on the Bible and applying it in personal piety.  Sounded great at first but the subtle message became, “Here are the rules.  To the degree you follow them God will bless you.  To the degree you fail He won’t.”


I became overwhelmed with the tyranny of trying to please God.


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Quora Post: “What Are the Ten Most Important Things About Personal Finance Someone Without a Finance Background Must Know?

I’m over at Quora today answering this question:


“Lehman Brothers filed bankruptcy in October 2008 plunging the world into financial terror.

I was traveling  in Australia at the time.   Sitting in an internet cafe drinking my morning coffee I opened the news on my laptop and read the headlines.  I thought, “Crap.  It’s a nightmare . . . .”

You can read the rest here.

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4 Keys to Seeing God Work the Miraculous

I suffered with a misdiagnosed sickness that ravaged my body.  My digestive system imploded and I continued to lose weight uncontrollably.  Yeah,I know, that was a problem I wished I had all my life too.  But this was for real and serious.

Friends later told me they thought I was dying.  Honestly, there were days I wondered.

I prayed for God to heal me but I grew worse.


Walking Sunrise


After a couple of months tracking the symptoms and researching on line I figured it out.  I’d mysteriously and suddenly become lactose intolerant.

I was so extremely lactose intolerant that even a hint of butter on some green beans would wipe out my system.  I was trapped in an ill functioning body and chained to the vicinity of a bathroom.  For an outdoor adventurer I felt like I was living in a suburb of hell.

I prayed, “God why me?  Why won’t you heal me?”

At times I felt God had deserted me.  I’d prayed for and watched others on occasion be healed miraculously.  Yet, when I needed it most God was silent.


I struggled to understand and felt frustrated and at times angry with God.


[Read more…]

How to See in the Dark

All of us have lived through some pretty dark times haven’t we?  Times when it seemed there were just no answers.  Times when we wondered if God was even there and if he was why he wasn’t answering.

Times when we needed an answer yet felt helpless and hopeless.

This story of Jesus and his disciples gives hope and some clues for seeing in our darkest times.

The disciples are sailing in the Sea of Galilee at night and are caught in a ferocious storm.  They’re about to sink when Jesus comes walking on the water to them.

Several miracles occur in rapid order which we talked about last time in depth.  Peter walks on the water, Jesus helps Peter when his faith falters, and the storm finally subsides miraculously.

All things we need at times aren’t they?

So why did they see God’ power in the darkness yet so often we don’t?

We looked at some of these in previous posts but let’s outline them all.

First, Peter asked Jesus for what Jesus offered.  We have the opportunity to look up those promises in the Bible.

Second, Peter responded boldly to the offer from Jesus.  No second guessing.  No hesitating.  Full out expectation.  I wonder what we’d see if we did the same?

Third, Peter faltered and we will too.  But that isn’t the end of the story.  He got back up.

Fourth, the disciples expected Jesus to calm the storm.  He’d once before so they knew he could again.  Our faith often grows in the same way.  Baby steps of faith lead to more.

Fifth, when all of these miracles occurred the disciples acknowledged God’s intervention and thanked him for it.  They couldn’t comprehend it but they accepted it and they would see more.

The same offer is made to us.

(Matthew 14: 32-33)

Finding Light in the Darkness

We all face times when the darkness closes in and it seems there just isn’t any light don’t we?  We stare into a crisis beyond our solving.

It can leave us scared and alone.  Feeling hopeless and desperate.

That’s what I love about this story of Jesus and his disciples.  The disciples are sailing across the Sea of Galilee at night when a fierce storm attacks them.  They’re capsizing when Jesus comes walking on the water to them.

We see multiple miracles occur.

First, Jesus walks on the water.  No one ever had done that before.

Second, Peter gets out of the boat and walks on the water.

Third, Peter suddenly freaks out and sinks.  Jesus grabs his hand and Peter’s faith returns.

Fourth, they walk back on the water to the boat together.

Fifth, when Jesus climbs into the boat the storm subsides immediately.

So what does this all mean for us?

First, there’s no problem beyond God’s power.  He created all things he can recreate them as he wants.

Second, Jesus never leaves us alone in the storm.  No matter how ferocious he comes to us.

Third, Jesus offers that we can walk on the water with him.  Sometimes we just need to get out of our comfortable boat to experience it.

Fourth, when our faith wavers, and it will, Jesus understands.  He won’t condemn us but reaches out his hand to get us on our feet again.

Fifth, faith will return.  It ebbs and flows but it’ll come back.

Sixth, then the power returns.

Seventh, the storm will finally subside.  It may not seem like it but it will.

And the only requirement is to look toward God instead of ourselves.  And acknowledge the miracle when it unfolds.

We’ll look more in detail at that next time.

(Matthew 14: 32-33)