Be Surprised with Joy As You Allow Your Gifts to Blossom

Number 53 in the series “God Rocks: 101 Amazing Everyday Gifts!” The miracles and promises of Jesus that show us the awesome blessings we can experience each day. I hope it encourages you!


Starting this blog has been a constant challenge that frankly I didn’t need.

I took a two year hiatus after ending my previous blog. Then when some commitments ended I pondered what I wanted to do with the extra time. One option was to write a new blog.

Honestly my first response was, “Ugh. Do I really want to?”


Photo Credit:  Daniel Foster

Photo Credit: Daniel Foster


I mean some days feel like I’ve signed up for an exploratory root canal.

So I pushed it off. Tried to ignore it. Debated with myself.

And no I don’t need psychoanalysis.

Yet something inside compels me to write.


When I thought about giving it up I felt like something died.  I felt depressed about it.


So I tentatively researched, built the site and launched. And I’ve been drinking from a fire hose ever since.

Every morning I choose to write even when I have no idea what to say.

I choose to give the time to God even when I don’t really have the time. I guess I trust him to make up for the time away from my business which realistically costs me.


But I’ll tell you what’s surprised me.


First, I continue to feel compelled. Sure some days more so than others. But the enthusiasm remains.

Because when I think of how blessed I am I want to share it. In a way it’s part of how I live out my gratitude. I remain simply amazed by it all.

And then God shows up. Most days I have no clue at first where we’re going. Yet, as I pray for his leading it comes. From quiet nudgings of my spirit to the still small voice whispering in my mind. Often I’m surprised where I end up.

One of the greatest blessings though is the joy I feel when I receive a reply from a reader telling me how much a post helped them. Interestingly sometimes they read something completely different than I intended. But that’s great, just surprising.

And finally fulfillment from using my gifts, however meager, to show God’s love and help others. There is simply nothing else I do quite like it.


I think it’s what Jesus meant when he said, “What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.” *


I don’t see this as a command. I see it as an opportunity.


We’ll be surprised by fulfillment as we allow our gifts to blossom.


How have you experienced this?

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*Matthew 10: 27 (NIV)