Choosing an Adventuresome Life

I often wonder, “Why do so many Christians live such boring lives?”

I mean we talk and sing about this great adventure of life yet so few seem to live it.

At church a few paid professionals work their tails off trying to keep all the plates spinning

And so few church members live any adventure other than reality TV.

I mean what’s with that?

I think for many along the way they accepted that they aren’t gifted enough.  They think, “Those gifted people go to seminary and get degrees then become our ministers.”

So they become fans not players.  And frankly, miss out on the adventure.

But how do we change that?

For me it’s always been about focus.

See from the time Jesus transformed my life I’ve believed he called me to help others turned off to religion find that same new life.

I also believe he’s given me the gifts to accomplish that.  Sure I need to perfect them but he’s wired me up right.

And I believe he leads me in it every day.

Like when I sit down to write I expect God to guide the ideas.  Although sometimes I hear them more clearly for sure.

And when I keep my focus on helping others it all seems clearer.

And what have I found?

It’s been challenging and chaotic at times for sure.  And I’ve struggled often to overcome the roadblocks.

But it’s also been a fascinating adventure that I wouldn’t trade.  And at 65 I’m at a place in my career that I have even more time.   And with the experiences I’ve had I look forward to what the next 30 years of adventure will bring.

Paul writes, “Surely you have heard about the administration of God’s grace that was given to me for you.”  (Ephesians 3: 2 NIV)


Adventure or boredom the choice is ours?


What have you learned about living adventuresome life?