Discovering Light in Emotional Darkness: A Personal Journey

The darkness snuck into my heart uninvited and unnoticed like a black fog drifting in through the windows choking my heart and clouding my mind.  I didn’t recognize it because though a frequent visitor when I was young it rarely visits today.  I didn’t understand my weighted soul until in a brief flash I understood the demon had returned.

There were several reasons and no reason.  So struggling to find my way felt like a journey in a dark forest without the moonlight to guide.  I searched to find the path I was on and grew lost searching for the trail out.

Days passed and the darkness remained.  Strategies I’ve practiced somehow failed.  I felt ever more alone.

Yet, somehow into the midst of this darkness the first glow of dawn broke.  I rested again in what has always saved me.  That God is still with me and though I’d lost my way he hadn’t lost me.

I remembered he promised that when I’m the poorest in spirit he reveals his kingdom most brightly.

“Thank you Lord Jesus.  That is enough for today.”