God Rocks #1: Guidance from Unlikely People

Part of the new series “God Rocks:  101 Amazing Everyday Gifts!”  Stories of the awesome blessings and promises God gives us each day.  I hope it encourages you today!


I’ve been writing this blog for a year now. And though it’s had some success it hasn’t set any land speed records for growth.

So I’ve been reevaluating. Trying to discern where to go with it.

Not frustrated really just wanting to be more effective.


Photo by Samantha

Photo by Samantha


I enjoy it but it’s not like a hobby. It’s tough writing everyday.

Over the last year I’ve felt like it continues to improve but right now I’m at another cross roads.

I need a fresh vision.

I’ve prayed several times over the last few weeks, “God if this is what you want me to do fine but show me how to be more effective. If you want me spending my time doing something else that’s ok too. I just need your guidance.”
And frankly I expect he’ll give it.

Then last week, I was on Facebook and read a post from an atheist friend.

He shares posts from “Facebook God” that are satirical and decidedly irreligious. Some are offensive but occasionally I agree with one.

On this particular day he posted one I thought was rather spiritually right on. So I commented that I agreed with it.

My friend responded he did too.

I commented back, “Really?”

He responded, “Sure, God rocks!”

Now I’m not sure exactly what he meant but two thoughts popped in my brain.

First, yes God does rock!

And second, this got below my friend’s defensiveness somehow. What is God showing me?

So the genesis of this series was born which truthfully I’m still trying to figure out.

See my experience, most of the time, is when God leads he gives me just enough light to see to the next corner. And that’s about how much I have right now. But he did lead me though through the most unlikely person.

It’s what Psalms promises, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.” (Psalm 32: 8 NIV)

God promises to guide us even through the most unlikely sources.  And that I find …


How has God led you through the unexpected?

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