God Rocks #15: Breaking Into Daylight Out of Darkness

Part of the series “God Rocks: 101 Amazing Everyday Gifts!” Stories and promises of the awesome blessings God gives us each day. I hope it encourages you today!


I’ve gotten where I hate to read the news quite often. And frankly I never watch it on TV or listen to it on the radio. I mean it’s depressing.


Photo Credit: uditha wickramanayaka

Photo Credit: uditha wickramanayaka


From ISIS butchering more innocent people.

To Russia invading Ukraine.

To some crazed gunman shooting people randomly he doesn’t even know.

To a police shooting and the subsequent riots.

To another incompetent blunder from our government.

To the latest probe of unethical behavior on Wall Street.


We seem to live in a world gone mad.


Yet, I think the world has always been crazed with darkness. The difference is now we get a front row seat to watch it 24/7.

And I find myself sometimes wondering, “How can we ever find daylight again?”

Then into this morass Jesus steps and offers one of his most amazing promises.


He says, “You are the light of the world.” (Matthew 5:14 NIV)


Wait a minute. I’m the light of the world? Really?

What’s so amazing is that Jesus on more than one occasion referred to himself by that same term. So he says that as we live with him by faith and he lives in us we’ll shine with that same light because his light is shining in us. As we trust in him he lives in us and his light shines through us.


So what does that light look like?


Where there was hatred there shines love.

Where there was fear there shines confidence.

Where there was anger there shines peace.

Where there was shame there shines forgiveness.

Where there was striving there shines rest.

Where there was brokenness there shines healing.

Where there was complacency there shines involvement.

Where there was emptiness there shines fulfillment.

Where there was sadness there shines joy.


And what happens when that occurs?


People around you see it.

They’re drawn to you because that light in you is such a contrast to the darkness.

Then you have the opportunity to share the reason for that light.

And they see the gift of God because of that.

And the most amazing blessing of all? You get to live in that light just as a gift from the one who loves you and fills you with it.


We can live in light or darkness. It’s our choice but God’s gift.


Where have you seen your life changed from living in darkness to light?