How to Change Your Life from Frustration to Strength

Do you ever have those times you think, “Wow, I messed up again.  Why do I keep making the same mistakes?  Why can’t I get it right?”

To tell you the truth I do.  A lot.  And there’s probably a few times my wife wonders the same thing about me.

Yet, it often seems the harder I work at trying to change the more frustrated I become.  Then when I feel worn out from trying, I revert back to the old behaviors again.

I think, “Yikes, what can I do?”

Paul wrote, “He who started a good work in you will continue it on until he completes it.”

See God not only forgives your past he changes your future also.

This makes the promises of Jesus unique.

Religion says, “When you’re perfect enough then God will accept you.”

Jesus says, “You won’t ever be perfect enough so I accept you the way you are.  Then I’ll change you from the inside into the person you and I want you to be.”

Now that’s reassuring isn’t it?  Especially to those of us who maybe are just a smidge flawed.

It only comes as you ask and expect God to act.

Then he does.

Sounds like a darn good trade to me.

*Philippians 1:6