How to Connect With God in a Way That Changes Everything

I’m often puzzled by those who seem to make a commitment to God yet somehow it doesn’t exactly stick.

They go forward in a church service or pray at a retreat. Then drift back to the old ways.

I mean seems like it should work. They did all the right things.

Yet, soon they’re back in their previous life. Or are they?


Photo Credit: Tommy Clark

Photo Credit: Tommy Clark


I think often it’s worse. Something caused them to want a change. Some crisis or just being tired of it all.

So when they drift back the old ways don’t exactly work anymore. And now they’ve tried the “God thing” and that didn’t work either.



So often they feel worse off than before.


But why didn’t it work? I mean here’s the recipe. Do these things, say these words and presto out pops “Super-Christian”.

I can only tell you that for me it was way different. I was by myself, freezing on a February night, on the balcony of a fraternity house of all places.

I’d come to the end of myself in a lot of ways and simply and honestly prayed, “God, I don’t know if you’re real. But if you are take my life and turn it into something good. Oh, and show me some sign you’re there or I’m out of here.”

Not exactly the recipe prayer. Yet, surprisingly it took. I knew God was real because of the peace that flooded me. And I improbably and ineffectively stumbled into this adventure.

Frankly I don’t understand the mystery of what takes place and how. And I don’t know why sometimes it doesn’t seem to.


What I do know is Jesus promised when we’re sincere in asking to live with him he accepts us.


He offers a riddle when he says, “And anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me.” *


So by contrast “Anyone who does take up his cross and follow me is worthy of me.”

I think when we’ve come to the end of ourselves. And we say, “Enough, God please take my life and turn it into something extraordinary. And I’ll walk with you.”

Then Jesus says, “You are worthy.”

Incredible! And we get to live that extraordinary life he has planned for us.


We live the amazing life God promises not because we’re worthy but because he accepts us as worthy.


How have you experienced this?

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* Matthew 10: 38 (NIV)