How to See in the Dark

All of us have lived through some pretty dark times haven’t we?  Times when it seemed there were just no answers.  Times when we wondered if God was even there and if he was why he wasn’t answering.

Times when we needed an answer yet felt helpless and hopeless.

This story of Jesus and his disciples gives hope and some clues for seeing in our darkest times.

The disciples are sailing in the Sea of Galilee at night and are caught in a ferocious storm.  They’re about to sink when Jesus comes walking on the water to them.

Several miracles occur in rapid order which we talked about last time in depth.  Peter walks on the water, Jesus helps Peter when his faith falters, and the storm finally subsides miraculously.

All things we need at times aren’t they?

So why did they see God’ power in the darkness yet so often we don’t?

We looked at some of these in previous posts but let’s outline them all.

First, Peter asked Jesus for what Jesus offered.  We have the opportunity to look up those promises in the Bible.

Second, Peter responded boldly to the offer from Jesus.  No second guessing.  No hesitating.  Full out expectation.  I wonder what we’d see if we did the same?

Third, Peter faltered and we will too.  But that isn’t the end of the story.  He got back up.

Fourth, the disciples expected Jesus to calm the storm.  He’d once before so they knew he could again.  Our faith often grows in the same way.  Baby steps of faith lead to more.

Fifth, when all of these miracles occurred the disciples acknowledged God’s intervention and thanked him for it.  They couldn’t comprehend it but they accepted it and they would see more.

The same offer is made to us.

(Matthew 14: 32-33)