How to See the Impossible Made Possible

We’ve all faced an impossible challenge haven’t we?  No matter what we try it’s not enough and it leaves us scared and frustrated.

So what do we do?

A story of the disciples and Jesus gives a clue.

The disciples are sailing across the Sea of Galilee at night.  Suddenly they’re caught in a ferocious storm.  The wind shreds their sails.  Waves swamp the boat.  Each one remembers friends they’ve lost in these storms.

Suddenly Jesus appears walking on the water to them and says, “Don’t be afraid.”  A bit of an understatement don’t you think?

Peter cries out, “Lord is it you?”

Probably the most important question we can ask.  “Lord are you there?  Do you hear me?  Are you with me?”  We all wonder at times.  So go ahead and ask.  It’s ok.

Second, he says, “Lord tell me to come to you.”

Peter didn’t say, “Lord, I’m climbing out of the boat so hold me up.”  Or “Jesus if you want to calm the storm you can.”

No Peter asks for a promise.  The same way we need to look for what God has promised us in his word.

Then Jesus says, “Come.”

So Peter, out of faith in Jesus’ offer, climbs out of the boat and starts walking to him on the water.  No second guessing.  No hesitation.

Once he had the promise he acted on it.

I wonder how many impossibilities we face would crumble if we did the same?


(Matthew 14: 28-29)