How to Unleash Power to Solve Your Impossible Problem

We all face seemingly unsolvable challenges at times don’t we?


Lightning Strike


Maybe a medical issue the doctors just can’t get a handle on and keeps growing worse?

Or a marriage struggle? You’ve been through counseling, hashed it out into the wee hours of the morning, gone away on romantic weekends, yet nothing seems to rekindle the love.

Or financial struggles? Maybe your credit cards are maxing out. It’s all coming due and you simply haven’t got enough.

Or emotional challenges? You wake up in the morning looking forward to a great day but by noon you’re dragging around depressed and functioning in a fog. You talk with a shrink regularly, maybe take meds, yet nothing seems to work.

In all of these challenges or whatever other impossibility we face we can finally just grow despondent and want to simply give up can’t we?


The problem is though it only gets worse.


We catch a glimpse of hope though through a story about Jesus.

He healed a demon possessed man who couldn’t see or speak.

Yet ironically the ones who wouldn’t believe it really happened were the religious leaders. They responded, “Well, this can’t be from God. He’s performing black magic, obviously.”

Jesus answered them, “For who is powerful enough to enter the house of a strong man like Satan and plunder his goods? Only someone even stronger—someone who could tie him up and then plunder his house.”*


His proof to them I think holds encouragement for us.


You see we live in a world where evil is very real. Satan is real and has tremendous power. And he destroys, hurts and confuses.

So if that’s true what hope do we have in our own power to overcome that?

Looking at my own personal super-power meter I’d say pretty much zip.

But the good news is we don’t need to have our own power. Because we have a father who does. He can go into Satan’s stronghold and tie him up. Then plunder his fort and take out the captives.

Our perspective changes when we view our struggles as a battle instead of an impossible problem. We start to focus on our father who is more powerful than our enemy. And our struggles begin to look possible where before they seemed impossible.

The medical challenge can be healed somehow in God’s power.

That broken marriage can be restored if both spouses turn it over to the one who is called “Love.” Or if one spouse won’t then the one who does can find peace and strength to go forward.

Financial struggles can be overcome. New jobs open up. Financial counseling helps. And we begin to see money as a tool for good instead of a substitute for true joy.

In the midst of depression we discover peace. We find tools and life changes which help us overcome that struggle. And we move on into residing joy and happiness.


There is no challenge that is beyond the power of God to solve.


How have you found this to be true?
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*Matthew 12: 29 (NLT)