My Medical Miracle: How to Change Your Outcome

As I talked about in the previous post, my heart started some mysterious symptoms.  I work at staying healthy and I absolutely hate being sick.

So when the mystery began, I was concerned but also frustrated.


Photo by Laura4Smith

Photo by Laura4Smith


I talked with my brother, who’d been going through a-fib problems, and I thought, “Maybe that’s it.”

He said, “I think Dad had the same problem.  He would get so winded at times when walking across the shop floor at the business he’d need to sit down.”

I thought, “Great, now it’s hereditary.”

But I prayed, “God lead me to the answers.  If it simply means a lifestyle change I’m all over it.  But heal me.”


I researched everything I could.  What are the symptoms and triggers?  How dangerous is it?


I became convinced it was caused by stress.  I was just finishing my stint as President of my Rotary Club, which is a huge job.  That added to the pressures of my business had me running on fumes.

In June, before my term was up, we went with some friends for a few nights to their cabin at Huntington Lake.  For four days we relaxed, sailed, hiked, drank coffee, ate and slept.  I felt great again.  No heart issues.

When we returned home I plugged back into my final couple of weeks of being President and my heart started acting up again.

I thought, “Okay, stress is the issue.  A couple more weeks and I’m done.  Then I’ll wind down and everything will be good.”

Only it wasn’t.


Our health is so critical yet so precarious.  Without it we simply have a hard time living in the fullness God intends.


Some people overcome tremendous health issues and lead uniquely blessed lives for sure.  But for most of us health is the most basic ingredient in an extraordinary life.

So when our health goes south what do most of us do?  We immediately run to the doctor.  And, most times the “cure” involves prescription drugs that have long lists of adverse side effects.

Then, because of new symptoms, caused by the drugs, we need another prescription.  Then further side effects.  Until our health issues become chronic.

In the previous post we looked at the difference changing our focus can make.

But how do we do that?


James writes, “Are you sick?  Then ask those who are spiritually mature to pray for you.”  (James 5:14)


When your faith is weak enlist someone whose faith is strong.


I’m not saying to ignore modern medicine.  There are emergencies when we need doctors to intervene.  It can be part of God’s healing.

But I believe those instances are far less than we think.  Often it’s easier to take a drug than to take control to solve the problem.  But the problems aren’t cured.

So to change our focus we start by praying.  Ask God to heal you.  He made you.

And if needed ask others to support you in prayer also.


Then look for answers outside of a drug.


Look for the places you’ve gone off the rails in your lifestyle.

We have more information available to each of us today than most doctors had 30 years ago.

Take control of your health.  Let God lead you into it.

The only side effect will be amazement.


When have you had an illness you prayed for God’s healing in where he answered those prayers?  What happened?


If you found today’s post encouraging would you encourage someone else with it?  Blessings.