The Anatomy of a Successful Launch: Finding Clarity in the Confusion

In preparing to launch something new have you ever found yourself mired in the millions of details?

I’ve lived there over the last year.

Photo by Rick Harrison

Photo by Rick Harrison

I’m excited about this blog yet setting up the site and writing created a storm of confusion.  Decisions about the focus, style, layout, article lengths, coding, etc. demanded attention.

I kept asking myself, “How could I know for sure?  What happens if I guess wrong?  What will resonate with my readers?  How will I reach them?  What will keep them coming back?”

Well, you get the idea.


Hundreds of questions.  All important.  All fuzzy.  And I had to keep moving forward or never launch.


So in the midst I prayed for guidance.  And equally important expected it.  I believe this is God’s plan so he’ll lead me.  I anticipated the answers being there when I needed them.

And amazingly they came.

Sometimes in the quiet moments on a Sunday morning sipping coffee when I let my mind wander and I listened.

Often when I was busy on another project at my office I would think of a way to research out a question.

In the evening, as I relaxed, I would read something from an author in a book or on line that would clarify the step I needed.

And in the midst I felt a quietness that allowed me to sense God’s nudging.

Even as I write there are unsolved challenges.  And when they’re solved there will be more.  I’m realizing this is a journey not a destination.


David prayed when faced with his own challenges, “Teach me your way Lord.  Lead me in a straight path.”  (Psalm 27:11)


God promises not to remove all our obstacles but to guide us through them.


Maybe you feel like every time you solve one challenge there are two more in front of you needing a decision.  You’re growing weary and frustrated.

Your dream energized you once.  You couldn’t wait to get started.

But the harder you worked the more difficult it became.  Challenges appeared in unrelenting frequency.


And you’ve wondered, “Should I even try?  Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.”


Only you can answer that question of course.

But before you give up make sure you’re giving God the opportunity to turn the confusing journey into a straight path.

Pray for his guidance for sure.  But in addition expect his answers.  Anticipate directions.   Look for God’s leading.

He might lead you in a whole different direction.  That’s ok.  That might be the best path.

But as you anticipate his guidance he will show up.  He wants you to succeed, to be fruitful.

Sometimes he’ll surprise you with the miraculous.

But more often, I’ve found, with “coincidences” and the mundane.

It doesn’t matter.  Because when you expect it you’ll be tuned in to hear it.

And undergirding it all you’ll find peace in the midst of the chaos that will help keep your mind quiet.  Then you can sense God’s subtle leading.

So I encourage you not to give up just because of roadblocks.  If what you’re trying to accomplish is important and beyond the ordinary challenges will regularly pop up.  It’s part of the journey.

But what about when you simply can’t work up the faith to believe any longer?  We’ll talk about that next.


When have you trusted God to guide you with answers you needed to a complex situation?  How did he answer?