Traveling Light Yet Abundantly

Number 45 in the series “God Rocks: 101 Amazing Everyday Gifts!” The miracles and promises of Jesus that show us the awesome blessings we can experience each day. I hope it encourages you!


When I sold my business to pastor a church we got hosed financially.


Photo Credit: Ian Lott

Photo Credit: Ian Lott


We had a successful business but increasingly I felt God was leading me into full time ministry. I had served years before in a couple of short term ministries and completed seminary.

Yet, we had two small children and Jennifer was a full time mom.

So when the church offered me $35,000 a year we jumped at the opportunity. Yeah, just kidding.

When I told Jennifer my thoughts she looked at me with that look that only a husband truly understands.

I remember the first morning I sat in the predawn darkness of our living room by the glowing fire and thought with anticipation, “What have I done?”


To say I was scared was like calling Niagara Falls some rapids.


But we both trusted if God had called us he would care for us and even multiply our lives. And he did.

The church expanded rapidly. We saw lives transformed. Homeless became productive. Addictions were overcome. Illnesses were healed. Marriages were restored. Lives were saved.

It became a loving place where people found friends and grew spiritually.


Somehow God provided for us financially as well.


We never had extra but we had enough. Enough to have fun as a family. Enough to go on vacations every year. Enough so our kids never knew how tight things really were. Enough so our kids remember those years fondly.

Jennifer and I have often remarked about how amazingly God not only took care of us in those ten years but has blessed us abundantly since. I sometimes just sit in wonder at it all.

And though I really have no desire to do it again. Frankly, I just wouldn’t have the energy. I look back with fond memories and am glad we took the plunge.


Life might have been easier if we hadn’t but it certainly wouldn’t have been richer.


That’s the core of what I think Jesus told his disciples as he sent them into ministry.


“Do not take along any gold or silver or copper in your belts; take no bag for the journey, or extra tunic, or sandals or a staff; for the worker is worth his keep.” (Matthew 10: 9-10 NIV)


Travel light. Trust God’s leading. And God will take care of us and even bless us beyond what we need.


We can travel light yet abundantly.


What has been your experience?

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