Unlimited Power Now!

“Having believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit.”  (Ephesians 1: 13  NIV)

We have amazing spiritual power available to us.  Real miracle working power.  Yet, most of us experience very little of it.  We talk about God’s power yet rarely see it.

I think one of the traps we fall into is a “performance mentality.”  We think, “If I just do enough right things.  Give a little more money.  Go to church more regularly.  Volunteer more.  Then God will unleash his power in my life.”

But you know, as good as those activities may be, they can actually keep us from seeing God’s miracle power.


See the problem is it never has been based on our ability to live at a high enough standard.  How could it be?  How high is enough?

So instead we’re filled with doubts and worry.  We can’t imagine God working his miracles through someone as flawed as us.

Yet, this passage gives a different perspective.  God placed a royal seal on us which shows we are his child with all the authority of our father.  And it’s in the past tense.  It’s done.  Nothing further for us to do.

And what would happen if this became our focus?

“I’m a child of the king.  I have the signet ring that proves it.

“God placed his Holy Spirit in me and I can never lose that or get more.

“And because the power of the Spirit resides in me right now there is nothing which is impossible.”

What would happen if that was our focus?

I think our lives would change.  We would transform into bold adventuresome people who set out to do great things for God because we know he is with us, right now.  And nothing is beyond his power in us.


How would that focus change your life?