Unlocking the Door to an Extraordinary Life

Number 25 in the series “God Rocks: 101 Amazing Everyday Gifts!” Stories and promises of the awesome blessings God gives us each day. I hope it encourages you today!


I see so many people settle for mediocre. Just live average. Get by.


Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk


Working at a job they hate so they can just get a paycheck.

Going through the motions of a marriage that long ago lost all excitement.

Vegetating in front of a TV for hours every night with no recollection days later of what they even watched.

So some try religion. Yet, frankly I don’t see much difference. Most church services are boring. Pastors preach about stuff that maybe interested them in seminary but seems irrelevant to life.

At the end of their life so many look back and wonder, “Where did it all go? What was it all for?”


And they regret the wasted years.


Yet Jesus offers a life opposite that kind of existence.


He says, “Enter through the narrow gate. . . . But the gate is small and the road is narrow that leads to true life. Only a few people find that road.” (Matthew 7: 13-14 NCV)


He says it comes down to choice. Do you want to live that extraordinary life or settle for average?

For me when I heard that a relationship with God meant having that kind of life rather than boring religion I made that choice and I’ve never looked back.


What does that extraordinary life look like?


I’m no authority so I can only tell you what I’ve seen.

A life that’s difficult sometimes but also exhilarating. Frankly, when you set off to accomplish your dreams it can be daunting. But it’s also exciting and fulfilling.

A life that’s lonely at times yet filled with God’s presence. When you leave the crowd to follow your dream others sometimes think you’re a little crazy. And often you don’t have as much time to just hang out. Yet in the midst you’ll feel God’s presence in a way that’s impossible to describe.

A life that can be confusing but also guided by God in unmistakable ways. I’ll tell you circumstances can change your plans really quickly. And sometimes you will feel very lost. But then God guides in astounding ways and often just in time.

At times you’ll question “Why did I ever try this? What was I thinking?” But in those dark times God will show you the answer.


An extraordinary or mediocre life? You get to choose.


What does an extraordinary life look like to you?

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