What Keeps Us From Seeing the Miraculous?

When I pastored the church, after the morning service, we invited people who needed prayer to go to the chapel.  There a prayer team met with them and later I’d join them.

Sometimes we were asked to pray for seemingly impossible challenges.  Situations honestly with little hope.

So we prayed, yet frankly at times I felt unnerved.  Praying for what seemed impossible sounds exciting yet is terrifying.

I’d think sometimes, “But what if it doesn’t work?  What if God doesn’t answer?  What if we fail?  God will look like a failure.  I’ll look like a fool.”

Yet somehow we boldly prayed anyway most of the time.

Perhaps you’ve felt the same way occasionally.  You want to pray boldly but you’re just not sure.

So we pray a “hedge your bets” kind of prayer.  “Well God I’d really like for you to do this.  But I understand if you don’t want to.”

Then we end with the very spiritually sounding phrase, “Not my will but yours be done.”

But the problem is we rarely see the miracle working power of God.

On the other hand that doesn’t mean we treat God as some kind of genie in a bottle.  Pray three times and he does what you command.  God has a way of showing us that system doesn’t work so well.

So what do we do?

It comes down to figuring out what God truly promises then praying boldly with faith for what we know he says he will do.

We’ll look in detail at how to do that in the next post.

I’ve seen God answer miraculously some of those feeble prayers I’ve prayed.  Heck I still do.

His power is real.  We just need to learn how to pray to see it unleashed.