What To Do When Your Job Gets Sequestered: Overcoming the Struggle of Fear

When our company was failing I felt more stressed than at any time in my life.  I had a family to take care and we had most of our net worth wrapped up in the business. It was my career, our savings, my identity, my family legacy and now it was grinding to a halt.


Photo by flickrohit

Photo by flickrohit


I remember praying often, listening for God’s directions, trying new ideas and simply nothing worked.  The industry, that made up most of our business, had dried up.  It wasn’t coming back and there was nothing to take its place.

No matter how much faith I tried to have fear crept in and whispered about the coming disaster.  I was stuck and worry dogged me.


But I also discovered something else.


When I couldn’t “believe” in a specific outcome I simply learned to lean into God’s promised love.  I relaxed in his grace.  And it was enough to get me started again.

It was enough to lessen the fear and to find peace periodically.

It was enough to reduce the worry so I could think clearly again.

It was enough to silence the screaming in my mind so I could hear God’s quiet nudgings.

And slowly a new plan emerged.  I needed to change careers.  It was time to pursue my dreams.  And it gave me the courage to step out and try.

That was the beginning of a whole new journey that has led me to today.  And I wouldn’t trade that journey for my previous career.

But I couldn’t have started overwhelmed with fear.  I had to rest in God’s love to uncover his peace.

So have I mastered that lesson?  I wish.

One verse I focused on that helped me speaks of the one who simply trusts in God for his blessings.


It says, “He is like a tree growing on the banks of a stream.  He is lush, green and fruitful.  When the summer heat blasts him he will not wither.  And whatever he does will prosper.”  (Psalm 1:3)


Often in the heat we grow best.


So are you struggling with worry?  Wondering how you’ll take care of yourself and your family?

You work hard trying to succeed but it’s not happening.  You’re trying to stay positive and have an optimistic outlook but fear keeps creeping in when you least expect it.  You’re trying to think through the new opportunities but your mind becomes so clouded with anxiety it is hard to stay focused.

Then I encourage you to rest in the one who can see the good he wants to lead you into.  Turn it over to him and trust in him to bless you as he promises.  That’s all he requires.


And he promises, when we simply can’t go any further, he will make up the rest.


You’ll find a peace that makes no sense given your circumstances.

A peace that will allow you to think clearly again.

Your mind will open to new and fresh ideas of where next to venture.

You’ll hear God’s quiet voice and sense his leading.

And you will know God intends it all for good.  He wants you to be fruitful.  And in the furnace of stress you will grow and flourish.


When have you wrestled with those worries and doubts?  What promises did you rest in to bring you peace?